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3570 Osage Beach Pkwy. Suite 204

Osage Beach , MO 65065

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Real estate has many challenges that require professional representation. The average FSBO gets 14% less on their home sale than if they are represented by a realtor. Your family deserves the best.

Get to know Lisa McKinzie

Experience is something that can't be bought and over the past 20 years I have seen most of the issues that arise in real estate transactions. I have found that understanding the perspective of the people involved in all aspects of the transaction has enabled me to create a respect from not only from my client, but the other agents, thier customers, and the affiliates all involved in bringing a transaction to closing.  You have succeeded when the other agents clients bring YOU a gift to closing to say thank you.  I have met people who would otherwise not have not crossed my path in life and each has left me a different person in some way.  I love what I do, and realize that I am giving my life to this endeavor and strive to make it a wonderful experience on a daily basis.  


The market we sell in is a resort market and second home market. We are providing luxury homes to a very narrow section of the market in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The midwest is a great secret that holds great beauty, wonderful boating, and golf galore.  The resort and luxury market does not always start with a million dollar property, in fact most first timers to our market start with a condominium on the lake and once they fall in love with this wonderful place they buy a home and make this thier second home choice.  We strive to lead the way in innovation, technology, customer support, and prompt communications with our client base.  You deserve to know what is happening in the search for your new home, and the sellers deserve to know what marketing issues are relevant to their property and what we are doing to earn thier trust with such a valuable asset.  As a broker who has managed numerous agents and owned and sold an independent firm I have recieved many awards, designations (GRE, etc.) but the focus should remain on the client.  I am sure you would rather know what we will do for you rather than expound on my own accomplishments.  I believe in letting your actions speak thru your professionalism and the results will follow.

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