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North Georgia Mountain Real Estate

Get to know Laronda McCurley

Welcome to North Georgia! It is amazing here. We love it here in the foothills of the Appalachians. The mountain ridges offer magnificent views, the valleys below are filled with picturesque lakes, clear streams, rapids and amazing waterfalls. Surrounding the natural beauty, you will find splendid resorts, inns, cottages, and chalets, There are over 200 designated sites for picnics, fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, biking and camping.

We are nestled within thousands of acres of state and federal protected forests. So you don't have to ever worry about the Atlanta traffic here. This is a perfect place for the outdoor nature lover. I think this is why it works for us so well. I am passionate about nature and the outdoors. I am glad to be a Native.

Ok...let me tell you a little about me. I can go on and on about how I love the North Georgia Mountains. I feel real estate is an avenue to make a difference in peoples lives. Personally, I have seen how owning a home can make a difference in the future well being of others. Our first home at an early age of 21 years of age made me a believer. After our first home, the cycle continued where we bought and sold every few years. The profit was amazing.

Years before I became a Realtor I started a little hobby of buying land. I would find land on the internet and we would pack up friday night and head out for our weekend hunt. I always loved doing real estate as a hobby. I recommend buying as much land as you can get your hands on.

I am a very diversed person. Some of my passions include Technology, love of humanity and gardening. One of my fondest accomplishments and experiences was as a Technical Manager at an awesome firm located in Alpharetta. The development, mentoring, managing and training of a team has always brought me extreme satisfaction.

Another passion of mine is the genuine concern for others. I love helping people. My love for people and desire to see people happy is strong. My humanitarian efforts are seen both in my personal and business life. Some people have a tendacy to separate the two. I don't understand that at all. It is apart of my core.

I have a higher power to answer to so I live my life with very high standards and a high work ethic. I believe in delivering personal service no matter the cost. My "People First" motto comes before anything. I think people put too much emphasis on money and not enough on treating people as they would have someone treat them. I follow the golden rule...ALWAYS!!

I grew up fascinated about land as the daughter of a Land Surveyor. My Father was passionate about real estate which he instilled in me as a child. I remember going out with him on jobs as a little girl. As a child he taught me how to hold the rod steady, work the EDM station, punch the numbers in the computer and the joy of accomplishment. He was a caring and patient man. He taught me the values of working hard and being honest in all things.

My fondest memories include surveying a boundry and seeing my Father's face light up when it closed in the office. I remember him working all day. Then staying up all night to complete a plat or development of a subdivision. Working with my Father in Atlanta was a valuable experience that I will never forget.

My husband and I settled in the North Georgia Mountains from the City of Atlanta in 2001. We have been blessed with this decision in more ways than one. Our twin boys love the majestic waterfalls, panaromic views, and wildlife adventures.

The small town atmosphere and friendly mountain people create an environment of peace and serenity for our family. From the mouth of babes you will hear my twins say, "I am proud to be a mountain boy, Mamma"!

Stay over to enjoy family hikes to one of the many spectacular mountain waterfalls or just take an evening stroll by the lake. Whatever you enjoy to do during your time here... you can bet we can accommodate you here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have the best that life has to offer. Come and see for yourself!

Our spare time is often spent with family just doing the simple things of life: swimming, spending the weekends horseback riding, hiking, fishing, playing with the animals.

In addition, one of my favorite activities is Gardening. The feeling of freedom and the connection with GOD among the wildflowers and rose garden is indescribable with mere words. You must come and feel it yourself...Among your very own mountain garden.

Entertaining friends in our mountain home is another favorite activity. We measure our success by our friends. I am a firm believer that God and people come first.

My passion for helping people has been such a huge blessing in my life. I feel that treating people with the highest respect in a loving way helps make this world a better place to live. My philosophy is simple....LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS. If you don't have love you don't have anything.

We are positive, energetic, hardworking, and fun-loving people. Life is exciting when you love your work! If you love your work then you'll never work a day in your life. We are passionate and dedicated about helping people.

If you ever find yourself in the North Georgia area or would like to take a vacation to experience the beauty first hand, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to take you on a personal tour of our wonderful Mountain town.

I know several upscale cabin rentals right on the river. Get away from the fast pace city life for the weekend. You will love the peace and beauty that awaits you. Once you've been here in the gorgeous North Georgia Mountains, it's hard to stay away. email me

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