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Ok, so, another loan officer and another lending company, right? Wrong. 

I have been originating loans for over 12 years, having successfully closed over 910 loans. Over that time, I think I have seen almost every conceivable situation and loan scenario. Having worked closely with underwriters, I think like an underwriter. This gives me the unique ability to quickly look at a loan situation and see any "red flags".

The one thing that sets me apart, according to my clients, is my communication. I pride myself on communicating to my clients, so that they know the status of their loan at all times. This is key to a mutually beneficial relationship.

The company I represent,, is an aggressive mortgage bank. We underwrite our own files, quickly and produce loan approvals and fundings quicker than most lenders.

Being a mortgage bank, this gives us the ability to produce approvals faster, keep rates and fees lower, and better control the entire loan process. 


I have the normal areas of expertise, but as I said before, my clients find my communication skills re-assuring. 

However, we are a full FHA Eagle, the highest possible designation from HUD. 

Since we are a mortgage bank, we offer very competitive rates and the lowest fees possible.

Our strength is our ability to fund deals quickly.

When using a broker, the broker needs to physicall maiil the file to the lender, who then hands it off to an opener, who then hands it off to an account executive, who then hands it off to an underwriter.

With our bank, my processor electronically sends the file to the underwriter, and the file is underwritten. 

This is why we can fund faster and with lower costs than any broker today.


I am a mortgage professional with Dont let the name scare you, we are an aggressive mortgage benk that funds deals fast at great rates and low fees. I have over 12 years experience