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Lyn Sims
Real Estate Broker Retired
location_on Schaumburg, IL
Get to Know Lyn Sims

Lyn has now retired from active real estate sales.

Industry Accomplishments:

Lyn has been in the business from 1983 to 2021 selling in the surrounding Schaumburg areas. She has received numerous awards, accolades, trophies, plaques and continuing education.

What is important, is that over those years, Lyn has learned her craft and continued her education to keep up with all the constant changes in real estate. The internet has made these changes happen at light speed.

Lyn represented the Chicago Northwest Suburbs - generally a 15 mile radius near Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.


Lyn offered 'Substantial Web Presence' using the best marketing techniques optimizing the internet so clients can be sure their home is found everywhere possible. Not every company can produce these results. MORE EYEBALLS on your home is what you want!

Lyn had one of the top agent websites for RE/MAX in Northern Illinois. Lyn was consistently in the top 50 of 1000's of agents.

Nationally syndicated blogger.

Nationally syndicated real estate author:

Contributor & quoted in The Wall Street Journal; Fannie Mae 'Know Your Options' Buyer Website; Fannie Mae 'Selling your Home' Articles; Chicago Agent Magazine First Time Buyer Feature.


Too many awards, not enough wall space.

R.K., Investor in Hoffman Estates
"Lyn Sims provided clear and comprehensive communication with emails, texts, phone calls and Re/Max formatted updates. She gave excellent suggestions for improved sales presentations, which I followed, and suggested options and alternatives. I spent most of the time traveling while the property was up for sale and Lyn took care of most important matters that were in her capacity to do so. I have spent the greater portion of 40+ years buying and selling real estate in Minnesota, Nevada, and the greater Chicagoland area, and found Lyn as capable in her field as any that I have dealt with. Lyn gets and deserves the highest marks from me."
R.U., Investment Property in Streamwood
"I used Lyn to find rental tenants and she did an excellent job. I knew Lyn was very familiar with the area and did such a great job in that aspect. She was great throughout the selling process and I would highly recommend Lyn to anyone selling. She was born to be in real estate, what more can I say, great and excellent".
P.S., Seller formerly of Elgin now retired in Taylor Ridge IL said ....
"I had a home for sale, that because of the housing market going south, my home was not even worth as much as I still owed on the mortgage at the bank. Lyn was my Real Estate Professional that helped me get my home sold on what is called a short sale. This is something that I was not familiar with and allowed me to sell my home with the bank accepting to waive the difference between what the home sold for and what I owed to the bank. She put me in contact with an attorney in the area where my home was located and because it was a 3 hour drive for me where I currently live to the home that I was trying to sell, Lyn and the attorney worked together to get my home sold for me with minimum travel required by me in order to get this accomplished. I am so happy that there are knowledgeable real estate professionals like Lyn Sims to help us out with the sale of our homes. Thank you so very much!"
R.U., Streamwood IL Investor
"Lyn Sims is the best real estate professional that I have ever used and in Spring I may need her services again. I was fortunate to find her by just a random pick out of the phone book so I really had no idea of what to expect. She knows the real estate business, she has been in it for 32 years and I will send anyone who needs a real estate agent her way. She will guide you through the whole process from start to finish and she will advise what to do or not do to get the best possible price. If you need her you can email her, call her office, or call her cell and if is not available at the moment she will get back very quickly What really impressed me about her is the fact that she is totally honest and upfront. I have rental property I wanted to sell a few years ago and she advised not to. She was looking out for my interest unlike most real estate agents that just want to make the sale. She also is very much into knowing all about the area and will go out of her way to find out information from any area a client is looking at. I think she is tops in her field and would advise anyone looking to buy or sell to use her."
J.F., Seller formerly of Schaumburg now living in Michigan said ....
"After living alone with my 4 year old as a widower for the previous two years, I realized I had to relocate to be with friends and family and needed to sell the house. That's when Lyn stepped in, and then "stepped up" over and over again! When my house needed some tidying up and I wasn't able to be there to do it, Lyn found someone to get it taken care of. When my house needed emergency plumbing because the Chicago-land winter made my pipes burst not once, but TWICE, Lyn got it taken care of without flinching. When I was on the edge of foreclosure because my lender appeared to be stonewalling (actually causing multiple buyers to back out because of time lag) Lyn went above and beyond and found ways to get the process escalated and keep it on-track. Lyn seemed to have a magical ability that attracted interested buyers within days of my house entering the market as well as every time it re-entered the market (due to buyers financing problems or my lender's inaction). When my lawyers of several years suddenly ceased representing me (they chose to slink away rather doing the honorable thing and represent me -- which would have required actual EFFORT on their part), Lyn was able to get me in touch with a new lawyer and a title company who stuck with me until the deal was completed. I cannot endorse Lyn highly enough and I am truly indebted to her for all the blood, sweat, and tears she put into successfully getting my house sold."
R.R., Buyer in Schaumburg says ....
"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for helping me find and purchase a home. You made everything SO easy and smooth for me. From day one, you made it your goal to help me find what I was looking for, constantly e-mailing properties that you felt matched what I wanted (and they did!), always going out of your way to make sure I had all the information, setting up appointments on short notice and just providing the friendly service that is often hard to find these days. You were extremely patient, always smiling and willing to help in any way possible. No matter what the obstacle was you found a way around it!! You were not pushy to get the sale and always looked out for my best interest. Anytime I or anyone I talk to is in need of buying or selling a house, I'm DEFINITELY sending them to you.”
P.B., Seller formerly of Hoffman Estates now retired to Florida
"Lyn was recommended to me by one of her previously very satisfied sellers. I was a first time seller and Lyn helped me very much. As has been stated in other blogs, she was very open and honest as to what was needed to be done to ready my house for the market. She listened to my ideas and I followed her advice on what had been tried before and worked. In this 'poor' selling market that we are in, she was correct almost to the exact time frame that my house would be sold by. I am moving out of state, but if I wasn't, I would be using Lyn again in the future."
J.R., Buyer now living in Elgin and has great hardwood floors!
"Lyn, thank you for your dedication and hard work in making our dream of owning a home finally a reality! Buying a foreclosure was very difficult and nerve-racking (and he isn't kidding). The bank and its broker were very difficult to work with but you came through for us with your experience and dedication. My wife and I love our new home thanks to you. I would definitely recommend you if someone I know needs a good and competent real estate agent. Thanks again!"
E.K., formerly of Hoffman Estates and Bloomingdale, now getting sunburn in Florida!
"Having put two homes on the market in what is possibly the worst home sales market in recent history, Lyn showed tremendous creativity in the entire sales process for my homes. She advised me prior to marketing my homes as to what would be needed to make the homes attractive for sale. Throughout the process she showed extraordinary knowledge in my target market. Lyn was very open and honest in realizing my expectations. She was always available for strategic discussions and easing my anxiety. I would highly recommend Lyn as your future Real Estate Agent. If you're willing to follow her advise, you won't be disappointed."
J.P., formerly in Schaumburg, now in Bartlett
"First of all, Lyn, I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided in getting my coach home sold. You're fantastic! With the real estate market the way it is now, I'm still elated that things worked out so well. And, rest assured -- if I ever become aware of someone seeking the services of a good real estate agent, you will receive my heartiest recommendation."
Ed Miehlke, Home Team Inspections
"As a home inspector, I have worked with Lyn for several years now. She has always handled herself in a very professional manner with her clients. It is obvious that Lyn works hard to build a strong rapport with her clients to ensure they find the home that is right for them. It has been a pleasure to work with Lyn and I would highly recommend her as a realtor."
M.K. and N.K, formerly of Hanover Park and now happily in McHenry
"I chose Lyn because she was the neighborhood expert and I had used another out of area broker previously with no success!"
D.C., Buyer has a cool condo in Lisle with a pond view!
"I would recommend using Lyn Sims as your real estate purchasing agent. Lyn helped me purchase a foreclosed condo and I was very pleased with the service she provided me. Lyn had experience and knowledge of the foreclosure process and made the process much easier than it could have been. There was twists and turns through the whole process and Lyn dealt with each issue like a true professional. The condo association was tough to deal with but Lyn was diligent about getting the information that we needed. I also used and highly recommend the attorney that Lyn recommended, Steve; he was a great service as well. I couldn't be happier with my new home and wouldn't have been able to do it without Lyn's help."
J.B. and S.B., formerly of Schaumburg, now in Freeport IL
Lyn is a 'can do' person that makes you feel good about the whole process of selling your home. From the very beginning we felt so comfortable with her and had great confidence in her experience and knowledge of the market. After our first meeting with her, we knew she was the agent for us. She guided us through the whole process with helping us with presentation and never letting us loose hope, even in these difficult times with the market. She was always coming up with fresh, new, and innovative marketing techniques to stimulate interest and market our place. She always kept you well informed on what was happening in our area with updates on listings and sales. You could not ask for a more knowledgeable, and dedicated agent than Lyn Sims. You always knew she was there for you with good advice and the knowledge that she was always looking out for your best interest. When we had a problem, she was the one we knew if we called her, she would come up with a very workable solution. We have now closed, but we will always value her professionalism and friendship and would recommend her to all our friends."