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I`ve been dreaming about this my whole life.

 I recently overcame the classic broker fear and became my own best client, using all the information I accumulated in the 15 years I`ve been a Realtor, and a 23 year local resident of one of the finest comunities on Long Island. I purchased a real sleeper of a building located across from the dock of the bay. -Town Dock  Manhasset Bay- in the harbor district of Port Washington, NY. Hundreds of vehicles passed by the old Port Answering Service for several years not quite registering the obvious value of the real estate it presided over. I was among them. Then one day a colleague of mine suggested I take a look at the place, and the rest is history.

 The building was built in 1885 or thereabout as a residential colonial. It sat on at least a 75`X170` lot that in its day probably could park a half dozen horse and buggies. Eventually it evolved into the structure I entered with the listing broker in early 2006. With my hand over my mouth as an adhoc air filter I immediately pictured a receptionist and agents going about their business, the copier room was over there, and the conference room there. In the ensuing hundred years or so, the building had gone through many changes, but it actually sorted itself out very well and became very close to it`s current iteration. Most importantly it was converted from residental zoned to commercial office zoning, and with a little tweak here and a little crash there, and a bucket full of $$$$$ the old Port Answering building became Anchor Real Estate Services, and all that dreaming of a real estate center had produced it`s first newbie!.

It turned out to be quite interesting, how the team I had assembled to reconsider, recondition, renovate, and rediscover a classic "Village Oldie",  turned out to be the perfect model for the team of cohabitators of the "Anchor Center". In short, a Realtor discovered it, architect considered it, builders reconditioned it, and contractor, designer, and decorator renovated it. TEAMWORK IN ACTION!

Today, we are well on our way to becoming the extended family of real estate professionals that I always dreamed of, working together under one roof in a synergy that elevates the individual business as well as the communal real estate "Center". What was once a real estate agent working for a broker, and looking for a mortgage broker to call, and a contractor to recommend, and a company to help stage a difficult property, is now a community center of real estate cooperation where the decorator/designer, contractor, and realtor go on a listing presentation together as a team,  and the mortgage broker provides the comps for the bank appraiser for the agent in the next office.

When the agency down the street calls the decorator at 416 Main Street Anchor Real Estate Services for help staging a tough listing, the next time that agent is involved in a transaction with an agent from Re/MAX Anchor Services, they should be much more cooperative and friendly, realizing that the efforts that they made in working together, supporting each other in pursuit of a successful deal, not only elevated their images in the eyes of their respective customers/clients, but it raised the bar of the whole industry in the eyes of ALL the participants of that transaction.

I`m still dreaming, now with RE/MAX, I envision the "International Desk" in my office. RE/MAX is not only a national real estate company, they have offices in over 65 countries. The extended family of RE/MAX acts as a natural referral agency, where over 100,000 agents in over 7000 offices, provide coverage for virtually the entire world.

Real estate can be a tough business. I worked as an agent, then a broker, and now as an broker/owner. I clearly recall standing in front of the mirror, giving myself a pep talk after losing a deal I worked on for months. I would go home and hug my children as if I was a soldier who had been in battle, and was so happy to still be alive. That`s how cruel this business can be, and how cruel some people can be. I worked in offices that preached how they were a family and you needed to support one another, yet there were no people that could be trusted less than the agent sitting at the desk next to you. It was those times that fueled my desire to have some control of my work environment. While I know there is no perfect system, and people will be people, I certainly think that the opportunity to create, gives one the sense of setting the tone for a business, and its culture depends on the values of the example of the founders. That more than any business success in terms of money or market share is what I felt I had to try and accomplish before I retired.

It is still a mystery to me, why throughout the country, RE/MAX is the preeminent brokerage, and here in NY, close to the epicenter of business and finance, it is such a struggle for the local real estate community to accept such a pure way of doing business as RE/MAX does.

That discussion is a blog for another day. And that blog is just around the corner.



I have taken seminars that train you to visualize and talk to the man in the mirror.

These are just some of musings of "THE MAN IN THE MIRROR"


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