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Salt Lake City , Ut 84117

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Experience to help the transaction go smoothly and effectively. Became a real estate agent in 1992 and have managed real estate agents for several years. Good communication and organizational skills.

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I was born and raised in Park City, Utah.  My influential Father and Mother trained me to have integrity, to be honest, loyal, trustworthy, and hard working, which has produced a "pro-active person".   With all this said, the "personal touch" that I provide to my clients for marketing and customer service goes above and beyond standard expectations. Listening to the needs of the client, my experience, skills and knowledge will assure this happens.

I have been able to succeed in this industry by virtue of working with Miller & Company.  The full service, all encompassing approach at Miller & Company attracts people and opportunities that otherwise may not appear.  The ability to handle any transaction, from property management services, buying and selling properties with the Realtor services , supplying the Mortgage connection with the states most creative brokers, establishing a market presence through New Construction.  For the agent who is looking to capitalize on an established, highly reputable, local company offering all the conveniences with their support staff, technology, professional image, and opportunities, this is the place. 

I started my Real Estate Career with Miller & Company in 1993.  I was able to learn many facets of the industry due to opportunities presented at Miller & Company.  These opportunities are available to all agents who apply themselves.  The name & logo recognition that Miller & Company enjoys after 28years of dedicated service under the original local ownership has brought me many transactions that I could not have acquired on my own.  The ability to meet all the needs of these clients "under one roof" and to keep their transaction clean and simple has paid off handsomely. 

To better serve my clients I am constantly updating my education.  In my free time I enjoy golfing, camping, hunting with my sons, swimming, gardening and most importantly spending time with my family. 

I can tell you from experience that you can compare us with any company.  You will like what you learn. The training, support staff, environment, opportunities and commission structure will allow for you to compete with the best and become the best Realtor.


I have been a part of Utah's only Full Service Real Estate Brokerage since 1993.  I was raised in Utah and I have experienced the changing real estate markets.  I understand the importance of knowing what a prospective tenant wants and what it will take to place them in a home.  The Salt Lake valley is an excellent place to invest and the investors are wisely doing so.  To compete in this market and succeed you need a team that has all the support, knowledge, and willingness to advise you.  A common response from my investors is such:



                   "You went above and beyond your "realtor" duties.

         I will refer you to all my co-workers who have

         their investment eye on S.L.C".




                  "You are the best.  Thanks for your dedication.



I listen to your needs and I take personal responsibility for your complete satisfaction.  I am confident I can help you get what you want and make your investment a success.  You can feel confident in referring business to me, they will succeed as well.


Mark Uriarte



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