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Marvette Critney, Opulence Manor, Blogger, Life & Biz Strategist (Opulence Manor) Real Estate Broker/Owner



Marvette Critney
Opulence Manor, Blogger, Life & Biz Strategist
location_on Decatur, GA — Opulence Manor
Get to Know Marvette Critney

I'm Marvette Critney a Real Estate Broker in Metro Atlanta, GA and I run several highly successful blogs sites.  The Opulence Manor Blog is all things housing, and everything in your home from renovations, to flooring, kitchens, paint, DIY and everything in between. It's just getting started, so make sure you check us out.   I also have a lifestyle blog called Brag Differently and a credit info blog called 750 CreditScore Co

I affectionately refer to my own home as Opulence Manor, hence the name of the blog.  It appears that I fell into blogging about home related items by accident, as I was constantly getting asked for advice on everything that deals with the home.    Hence it became easier to consolidate my info and knowledge via the blog.  The blog also allows me to share my journey as I do some of my own home renovations and projects.  I hope you enjoy the ride!

I'm a real estate broker by trade, so blogging about homes, come naturally. 

I'm affectionately known within real estate circles as the NACA Queen because I've done a ton of NACA transaction. 

You are supposed to use this section to write about yourself... So, what sets me apart from other agents... I'm simply passionate about what I do.  I enjoy being a realtor and being of service to others.  Real Estate has always been my passion.  
I completed my own personal transaction through the NACA program.  I purchased a 6 bedroom, 5 bath home on a basement... 5200 sq ft... hardwood floors on the main.  The house is to die for... rate is 2.1% fixed, with a P&I of 798.80 a month... I walk in my home each day and simply get excited...

What else should you know about me... I love to help others achieve their goals, ie.,  within real estate or outside, I am that go-to-chick that can create a business on a dime and motivate others to achieve thier goals.

I was able to semi-retire from my federal job as a contracting officer and pursue my love of real estate, blogging and traveling fulltime.  

In a nutshell I teach women (and a few men) how to earn, save, invest, live & thrive in a global world.   Pretty simple!


I know real estate and I know people.  Within the real estate arena,  I've chosen to specialize in individuals that have credit challenges. on one end and my luxury folks on the other.   I normally refer people to the NACA program for obtaining a mortgage.  I know that NACA can and will drive you crazy, none the less it is still one of the best products on the market.

If you have credit challenges, you are very limited in your choices of getting a mortgage.  It is my job to assist and help you navigate through the entire homebuying process which includes the mortgage process.  I can assure you if you follow my directions, I will get you into a home.

There is no short cut to the home buying process.  You must pay your bills on time and save your money, you must pay down your debts and get control of your finances.  I know that my clients will walk away with the lowest rate and the most awesome mortgage in the world.  I know that you will love your home and love your payment even better.



Real Estate Broker, who has done a million NACA transactions. I provide bespoke concierge services to affluent buyers and sellers. www.opulencere.co Blogger & Life & Biz Strategist