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Loan Modifications and Short Sales - Effective Ways to Get Out of Trouble

It's no secret that the mortgage market is struggling. Unfortunately, homeowners have fallen victim to turbulent times. As a result, loan modifications and short sales are growing in popularity and lenders have responded by working with loss mitigation specialists to reach work out agreements.

This is your chance to avoid the problems so many others have fallen victim to. The foreclosure market grows every day. People are losing their homes. This doesn't have to be you.

Homeowners Can Stop Worrying About Their Mortgage Payment and Do Something to Fix it For Good

If homeowners are up at night worrying about their mortgage and what they can do about it, US Loss Mitigations is an ally you can't do without. We will clearly discuss their options and what we can do. Lenders have financial incentive to actively pursue a home loan modification or short sale. We know what it takes to get it done and we have over 95% success with working with lenders.

In every situation we like to transform our clients financial picture from bad to good or from good to excellent with a financial services.


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Can't refinance, no equity, mortgage lates, Bad Credit?? We can help those clients

Your clients are not alone. Millions of people work hard every day to pay relentless bills, one after the other. The largest bill for most people is their mortgage payment. The stress over not being able to make your mortgage payment may seem unbearable, but there are actions you can take and we are here to help.

We understand it is frustrating to sit on the phone with your lender, explain your situation over and over again, hold for hours only to be disconnected and start all over again. The process is overwhelming to say the least. Our job is to do the hard work and mediate with your lender on your behalf to lessen your financial burden.

Loan Modification Repayment Plan Short Sale Stop Foreclosure

Our professional loan modification consultants will be on your side of the case to find a resolution and save you time. The sooner you call, the sooner help is available.


Stop Worrying About Your Mortgage Payment and Do Something to Fix it For Good





What can loss mitigation do for your clients?

A. The goal of loss mitigation is to work out an agreement between the homeowner and the lender that will stop foreclosure proceedings permanently. This allows the homeowner to stay in their home and protects their credit history.

Q. How do we stop foreclosure?

A. Our company specializes in resolutions of mortgage delinquencies or home foreclosure claims on behalf of you, the homeowner. We perform a detailed financial analysis and work with you to determine your best alternatives. We review your lenders loss mitigation policies and your state's foreclosure law to make sure that we give you the best service within the context of your situation. By working with you and your lender we can tailor a resolution to meet your specific criteria and financial circumstance. We do all of this quickly and effectively because we have been doing this for 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Q. How long do I have to act?

A. Time is of the essence when you are behind on house payments. Time is definitely not your friend in this situation. Each day that passes makes it that much harder to get a work out agreement with your lender that you can live with. The home foreclosure process can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months, depending on your state law and the method of foreclosure your lender chooses to use. We have encountered many homeowners who did not even know that they had already lost their house!

Q. What is Loan Modification

Available on a very limited number of VA loans with lender and/or investor approval) (Called Recast for FHA)



If you have incurred a long term financial hardship, our office can assist you in supplying the appropriate information to lender to take the appropriate measures to modify the term(s) of your mortgage. This could lower the interest rate and/or extend the term of the loan resulting in lower payments. There are costs and fees associated with a modification that you will be responsible for. All property taxes must be current or you must be participating in an approved payment plan with your taxing authority to be eligible for a modification. Any additional liens or mortgagees must agree to be subordinate to the first mortgage. All requests are subject to your lender's approval. go to for more information about this.


Comprehensive knowledge of hundreds of loan programs and years of experience add up to a kind of top-notch expertise and proven results that you need. Specializing in FORECLOSURE CONSULTING AND CREDIT