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Local Realtor serving Olathe, Lawrence. Arbor Creek, Southdowns, Palisade Park & Walnut Creek. 1st time homebuyer, relocation & investment specialist. Helping You Solve the Olathe Puzzle.

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 Matt is your local neighborhood Realtor serving Olathe, KC, & Lawrence.  Arbor Creek, Southdowns, Palisade Park & Walnut Creek neighborhoods.  He attributes his listing and sales leadership to an in-depth knowledge of the Olathe, Kansas City and Lawrence markets, patience and perseverance, and the joy of working with people to achieve their housing goals.  He is ready to help you, with online services such as current listings, FREE Relocation Packages, FREE Market Analysis, and much more!

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"My Job is to Help You Build and Manage Your Wealth.  I Maximize Your Return on Investment and Equity."  Now is the PERFECT time to purchase investment real estate!  Inventory is high.  Prices are very low.  Loan rates are at a 40-year low.  Tens of thousands of dollars in equity can be earned immediately after closing documents are signed.  If you are an Investor, great!  I'm sure you have your eye on [early] retirement.  However, are you maximizing your tax refund?  Do you accelerate depreciation?  Does your real estate investment property still measure up and pay off as much as it could?  Or instead should you preform a §1031 tax deferred exchange and trade the home/s in for a more profitable one?For those of you who have investments in other vehicles:  You may have some equity in your home, or an IRA that you hope will last you through retirement, earning you a 5% return.* (Of coarse both of us know that this is taxed annually, if it's a traditional IRA.)  You may have a Roth IRA that isn't taxed at all.    Super!  Good for you!  I have a question for you though: Why settle for a measly 5% return* when you can get a 19% return*, plus a $2,760 tax shelter*, that can also shelter part or all of your regular taxable income from your job, and it will not be taxed at all?  Use Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate.  Take an equity loan and you can do the same thing.  "That's impossible Matt!"  Really, it isn't, and it makes you think, doesn't it?  find and analyze a real estate rental property before you buyincrease your tax refund how to maintain all of the benefits of owning rental property (income / cash flow, principal reduction, tax shelter created by depreciation, appreciation.)  compare your present rental property and tell you if it's time to trade upsuccessfully take advantage of a §1031 tax deferred exchange so you will be able to move 100% of your equity and defer taxes indefinitely.  Return on equitycash flowtax savings and sheltersbenefitsrent or sellinvestment and rental property valuesgetting a 20%* cash on cash return... Contact me today and let's get started!                            (785)393-6288     *Discliamer: The rates of return and numeric figures are examples and may vary.  Contact me with your individual figures.    AS A FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER you may have questions about real estate or how to complete a transaction.  Buyer's Agency, pre-approval, contracts, negotiation, multiple offers, inspection, loan and closing...???  With an teaching past I am happy to successfully lead you down the path to owning your first home. Working with a Realtor Benefits of Home OwnershipOverview of the Home Buying ProcessPre-approval AdvantagesObtaining a New Home LoanWhat is P.M.I?Things to Avoid During the Loan ProcessToday's MarketEarnest Money DepositShould I Get an Inspection?The Escrow ProcessClosing Cost Explanationand much more!My 10+ Buyer Commitment clearly demonstrates my sincerity and devotion to you in making your real estate experience seamless and rewarding.  Visit me at my website: , my blog here at and call: (cell) 785-393-6288 or (office) 913-322-7470.                                                                                                     
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