Matthew Wheeler

24328 South Vermont Ave. Suite 222

Harbor City , CA 90710

New Hybrid Loan Conversion Program (HLC) Converts Mortgage Loans to a Reduced Principal Balance! In Foreclosure? Credit Card & Debt too high and FICO too low? We have SOLUTIONS for that too.

Get to know Matthew Wheeler

My name is Matthew Wheeler. I work as though I'm working for the Lord, so you can rest assured I'll do what's right for you and your family, or for your clients. I am married to my beautiful and fun loving wife Maria. We enjoy time with our family and friends, and we work hard to serve others. 

We want to empower our clients to be the hero who saves their family in a financial challenging situation. I work with a team of specialists to find a unique solution for each clients specific needs.


We buy mortgage loans at discount and pass the savings onto the homeowner (Mortgage loans are bought and sold all the time at discount yet the homeowners never see a discount on their Mortgage loan). If you or anyone you know is upside down on their mortgage by at least $100,000 I could eliminate that and get their mortgage loan down to about market value! (This program is only available in California and Nevada right now.) We call this our Hybrid Loan Conversion Program (HLC). I am truly committed to helping families stay in their homes and save money. It's all 100% private funding so we set the standards. 300 FICO, up to 5 borrowers (Family OK!), NO upfront fees, NO appraisal fee. New Fixed rate. 100% REFUNDABLE. We save families $500-$2000+/month!

We also have unique programs in all the USA to help people stay in their homes who are facing "Notice of trustee Sale". In Foreclosure? Credit Card & Debt too high and FICO too low? We have SOLUTIONS for that too. I'm really excited about saving families hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if you or anyone you know could use my services please give me a call and I will work diligently with my staff to attain the best solution. Thank you for taking the time to read this & feel free to pass it on to anyone who could use it. Have a fun day!

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