Charles Lefcheck (Lefcheck Enterprizes inc.)

A new glow in the dark real estate sign and riders. They glow up 10 10 hrs, and is recharged during the day . hey are completely weather resistant and comes witha 5 year guarentee.

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I am an inventor been working on this for many years. It started with working with appoxie and phospherous a bad combination as I found out , Then I went on a search for glow in the dark vynal  and found every glow in the dark vynal burned out from the sun turning it black. I am a person who belives in this and its many applications and truthfull have gone broke in R&D spent all my money there I am looking for investore if anyone is interested

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am an inventore developed a glow in the dark material that is now completely weather resistant and isUV resistant. I have been working on this for many years. I have the ability to put really unique art work on the gloow in the dark material .If you want the sign to look one way in the day and look something different I can do that. Just give me a chance to show you what I can do for you