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Mike Bjork
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I am a Mortgage Planner, whom has held the designation of CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) and a student of Strategic Equity.  These designations have helped my knowledge of how to save my clients a lot of money and to plan for such events as Retirement, Financial Freedom and Children's College Funding.  Many people don't realize that a Mortgage is an IMPORTANT piece to any Financial Planning.  If you structure your debt properly, then you can attain many of the things in life that you have uncertainties about.  By planning for these events, then you have more of a "Piece of Mind".  Having the "RIGHT" loan program that will assist you with your Life's goals and having somebody to annually review your information is the Most Important Aspect of Searching for a Loan.  By having the "Right" Loan Program and Annually Reviewing your Debt Structure, then you can save "Big" Money (many times in thousands of dollars over the course of years).


Here's how I help my clients with their needs:

1.)  I go over the Clients personal needs of a Mortgage and explain the entire process.

2.)  I provide my clients with a Personalized Analysis that will breakdown each loan program (along with a video to explain their Personalized Analysis, if we are unable to meet in person).

3.)  Once we start the loan process, then I communicate every step of the way (typically most clients prefer communication electronically).

4.)  As the loan process comes to a close, then I keep my communication with clients with Monthly e-mail Newsletters and contact them annually for their Mortgage Review, so we may discuss their life changes (that may affect their financial plan) and measure their progress with their Plan.


**Equal Housing Opportunity**


My areas of Expertise is a Long List because of the designations and studies that I've covered over the past several years.  I have helped many First Time Home Buyers with the most up to date loan programs and down payment assistance programs; worked with many High-end Homeowners with with purchases and structuring their Mortgage in a manner to save and create themselves more money over time with various strategies; Providing Plans for College Funding, Retirement and Financial Freedom thru the use of a Mortgage; provided plans and strategies to assist Real Estate Investors with their Real Estate Holdings;and have provided a great Network of Professionals to assist my clients with their goals, whether it's for finding a home, financial planning, estate planning or anything that requires a professional assistance.


National Direct Lender who specializes in assisting clients with their home purchase, refinancing and providing solutions for Financial Freedom, College Funding and Retirement via a Home Mortgage