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MD Preferred Services is the online resource center for physicians and healthcare executives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 700,000 physicians in the United States who work in excess of 60 hours per week. To help medical professionals leverage their time and resources, MD Preferred has identified and screened uniquely qualified, financially sound, "doctor friendly" community based professionals in a wide range of disciplines including: real estate/relocation, financial planning, mortgage services, banking, legal services, insurance, and accounting who are committed to serving healthcare professionals and offering a superior service experience.

MD Preferred offers access to the nation's top real estate agents. Each is committed to serving the special needs of physicians and other healthcare professionals. In addition we now offer access to other related real estate, mortgage and relocation services.


MD Preferred is an online resource center for healthcare professionals.  We're putting together community service teams in every city in the country that is home to at least one hospital or major medical center, major meaning 100+ beds.  Our service categories include real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, insurance agents, CPA's and legal services.  

The MD Preferred Credential itself is designed to give you a recognition and PR tool to get your name out there to all of these doctors.  When you come into the program...

you'll be listed in our online directories, which includes a company or contact profile page (each member profile page is built with SEO in mind) you'll receive a sales and marketing guide that will include some tips and advice that has proven to get other service providers in the door with healthcare professionals a press kit that contains a guideline structure of how to put together an effective press release to establish yourself as an MD Preferred Real Estate Agent for your community (we recommend sending a copy to all of the hospitals and private practices in your city to let the healthcare professionals know who you are and that you are now an MD Preferred Agent)  a service medallion that you can display on your website (or marketing material) letting anyone who visits your site know that you have been accepted into this program you'll have access to a business to business networking and referral group in your community option to contribute articles to our monthly E-Newsletter that goes out to all of the residency and fellowship programs in the country the opportunity to contribute regularly to our blog access to a physician database access into our healthcare group on Linkedin

There are a limited number of providers accepted into the program and once it's full, that's it.  There simply won't be any way to get into the program.

We promote the program with a monthly E-Newsletter that goes out to all of the residency and fellowship programs in the country(4500+).  We're also heavily involved in social media (primarily Linkedin & Twitter...follow us @mdpreferred).  I personally am an active member of every healthcare group on Linked In and do a good deal of promotion there.  We maintain our own healthcare group, "Networking for Healthcare Professionals", which allows our members to network with both physicians, physician recruiters and fellow MDP members.  Then of course we have a daily blog for which all of our members have an open invitation to submit articles.  We've recently established a partnership with MedMonthly (, which is a major healthcare publication distributed to hospitals and practices all over the country and we're doing monthly cross promotions with them.  We're also currently in talks to partner with a company that distributes about 12 of the major medical journals and we should be finalizing everything with them this coming week. 

The only cost to the program is an annual administrative fee of $25 per month, billed quarterly, which goes towards marketing costs.  The billing cycle runs from the date you come into the program.  Most of our revenue comes from our national sponsors and our sister company, Medical Match, which is a physician job board.  We're in business to serve the healthcare community, so we're not trying to make a big monetary gain from our individual providers. 

  Hope this information helps.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or at the number listed below.  I look forward to having you on the team!




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