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Karen and Bob Darrin - Renton, WA (Home Buyer)
Meg was absolutely wonderful. She was able to help us through all phases of the purchase steps. She was also helpful in seeing the inspections, loans and escrow coordination were on track. She smoothed out those things that seemed to upset the flow of the purchase. She was also always available and able to answer our many questions. Sincerely, Robert and Karen Darrin
Sue Landry | APP Buyer
Meg O Harrison is absolutely terrific! I just love what this woman is all about. As an independent contractor I was unable to purchase the home I really wanted and needed when I moved to the Seattle area. After my last home sold, I dreaded the thought of renting and needed the tax breaks of home ownership. No bank would finance me even with perfect credit and down payment. I was referred to Meg by one of my Bellevue clients who sang her praises. The lengths Meg went to in order to find and negotiate my perfect home were nothing short of extraordinary. She is warm yet also very focused and professional. No detail was overlooked and once I let her take the reins and get going, I had my new home in 2 weeks! I hope others see this review and take it to heart. There are very few people who possess the integrity and grit Meg O Harrison does. I love everything about my new house and I am so appreciative that you made the impossible, "possible" for me. Very sincerely yours, Sue Landry
Ann McArthur (Seller/ Auburn, WA)
Meg, I want to thank you for your dogged determination in getting my Mom's home sold. We went through a few different realtors and things were just not moving along. Your advice and strategy was so impressive and spot on. Our Mom's attorney referred you to us after we had been through 3 other realtors who all wanted to sell the home for less than we could possibly accept. You handled all of the conflicting personalities like a pro and did a great job combatting the low appraisal that came in. If you had not been able to get the price you did for the house, which was substantially higher than anyone else could, we would have been hard pressed in coming up with enough money for Mom's ongoing care needs. You were fast, to the point and you pulled us all back together just as everything was falling apart and nobody could agree on anything - especially Mom's house. We hope you enjoyed the spa gift certificate, we'll be sending you another one for Christmas! Thanks for all your hard work Meg, Ann McArthur
Debi Grable (Seatac Seller)
Jill & Marcy (Previous FSBO Seller- Old Town Tacoma)
When asked to write a quick review about Meg O Harrison and her phenomenal services, I thought how can I make this quick! It took me a while to get around to this but I don't know how I can ever really describe all of the amazing things Meg did for us. To many to count! First of all, Meg is so confident and assertive for her clients. She believed even when we didn't! But we had already been through a lot and were exhausted trying to sell it ourselves. (I definitely won't go through that every again!) She was extremely realistic and told us exactly what to expect and everything went EXACTLY like she said it would right through closing. We thought we would have to rent it out or maybe even foreclose on our beautiful home that we spent 10 happy years in. After working with 3 other realtors and have NO success and feeling we were just about hopeless, we got a call from meg on our FSBO ad. At first we sort of blew her off because we a ton of calls from agents all saying the same thing. But Meg was persistent and when we took a few minutes to really listen we knew immediately she was different and 100% committed to OUR needs. Our other realtrs were ok, but they seemed to want the listing more than they wanted to help us. Meg found us the perfect buyer who loved our unique home. They had great employment, she handled all of the credit/background checks and these folks were really grateful for the opportunity to buy our home. They had been through a foreclosure and could not quite qualify for regular financing yet. Meg worked hard to get all of hte numbers right for both sides and got the house sold really fast. We had complete control and final approval the whole way. I cant thank her enough for being willing to go the extra mile all the way through to make sure we had a solid and highly qualified tenant buyer. We drove by the home a month after they moved in and they are taking great care of it and even put in a really expensive fence and custom stamped driveway. It made our decision so peaceful to know that we were helping someone else get a fresh start after going through some bad things in their life - and also keeping us from losing equity from renters trashing the house. We'd been through that before with another house. So many people lie to you when you try to sell it on your own or don't want to give you their financing information and say it is because they are worried about credit fraud. We worked with another couple for two months (that's why we kinda blew Meg off at first. we thought we had a good buyer -WRONG!) and it turned out to be a sham even though the paperwork looked real. Meg- we know how difficult we were at first and just love you and all you've done for us. For this and other reasons that only you know, we will always be grateful. Thank you! ((hugs)) J & M!
John S. - (Seattle/Bellevue landlord and seller)
As a busy professional who travels extensively, I found Meg to be a breath of fresh air. I had known Meg through various community and charity circles for sometime, but had not had an opportunity to work with her. When I needed immediate help with a situation [I am in New York] I remembered Meg when I could not reach the person I had been working with for years. It was the best call I could have made. After explaining my somewhat complex and urgent situation, she immediately went into response mode. She laid out her three best recommendations for my situation within 24 hours. After a thorough discussion, I realized that I had overlooked a jewel of an asset with her in the years past. She sold this property in 3 weeks at a 12% higher net than I had ever expected. It actually might be closer to 15%. Meg is a true sales professional. She didn't bat an eyelash when other brokers brought her low ball offers. She became an expert on my property and neighborhood and it showed in her counter-offer strategies, marketing and research. Her awareness of the market and where we had latitude wound up being invaluable to my bottom line. I was kept up to date on every important matter while she handled the rest. Meg is a passionate negotiator and therefore unshakable in her beliefs. A rare commodity these days. I found out just how valuable her tenacity is and certainly reaped the benefit of her unwavering certainty. She was superb in keeping my interests at the forefront when I would have settled for less. That also meant it took a little longer for her to receive her commission; not something most realtors are usually willing to do. If you want a true professional with impeccable integrity to her craft and clients, Meg is truly a lady with class and brass. I will continue to depend upon her expertise for all of my property management and sales transactions in Washington. Most sincerely and respectfully, John
Laura & Steven Mc (Federal Way to Raleigh,NC and back)
Meg is awesome! We had to move to NC for a job transfer. I don't usually write reviews but for Meg, we were happy to. She gave us great advice after we had tried to sell our Federal Way house with another agent and then by our selves. She was able to get us multiple offers when we had had none for almost a year. We were pretty tired of it all. Meg got the job done and helped us to get a better price than we thought we really could. She also helped us find our home in NC before we even got there. She is totally full service. We would recommend her to anyone that doesn't want to mess around with wasting time or losing money to get their home sold or when buying. Thanks Meg
Tammi & Tommi Hatcher (Milton, Wa/ Chandler, AZ)
After issues with two other realtor company agents, we found Meg from a mailer she had sent. Hesitant, we responded to her letter about our property. In fact it was the best call we could have made. In speaking with her she seemed very knowledgeable about the process that we where looking for in selling our home. The other two had no knowledge at all of our needs to be home seller contract carriers. In speaking with Meg the first time her answers to my questions told me she would be able to get the end results we where looking for with the expertise to follow up and thru with all the proper paperwork needed in our case. We where and are very satisfied with our experience and professionalism with Meg. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend her in any aspect of real estate one might need.
Khoi Brookshire (Seller, Federal Way/Bonney Lake, WA)
Meg was super, very knowledgeable and bottom line, got the job done. She handled every single problem like a pro and negotiated strongly for our best interests to our benefit. Very highly recommend!
Charlie Willis (Buyer - Milton, WA)
Ok this is going to be the sappiest review you've ever read, but it is all real and amazed still that this all worked out. My wife and I had been looking at rent to owns for months, I really didnt think it was a good idea to do one of those but since we just went bankrupt we figured that would be our best bet to get some stability in our lives. I really wasnt even looking because I knew that those were not good situations for us, even though we had to move out of the rental we were living in. Along came Meg, bubbly and happy with a huge amount of energy and knowledge, I felt uplifted and positive just talking to her. Shes incredibly patient and hardworking and dependable. Meg GOT US OUR HOME!!! We are sooo in awe of her, she walked us through every step worked with my attorney and thought of details before they even could become an obstacle.. She truly is an amazing agent and human being with a kind heart like nobody I have ever seen. This review doesnt do her justice, but Im not so good at it. But I'll tell you we love our beautiful little home and Meg is the reason we have it. Thank you Meg, You are truly amazing
John Connolly (Seller Issaquah, WA)
Meg handled the short sale of our home and is the most tenacious realtor we've ever worked with. Meg's understanding of the arcane world of short sales, foreclosures, and other tricky transactions is vastly superior to the average agent's and she knows how to play hardball when necessary to ensure her clients are treated fairly. She helped us navigate through all sorts of deception and stall tactics on the part of our lender, (rhymes with face), keeping the deal alive in a most diligent and tireless manner when most agents would have given up. If you are seeking someone who REALLY understands the often rough and tumble world of real estate, and who doesn't wilt when things get bumpy, Meg will not disappoint.
Nani Ware - Seller (Bonney Lake, WA)
She is amazing, worked on our short sale and saved us from foreclosure. She was relentless with the lienholder and HUD. She went over and beyond also to secure us a lovely rental property when it looked bleak that we would not be accepted with the pending foreclosure upon us that she saved us from.
Crystal Johnson - Seller (Kent, WA)
Where do even start! The knowledge, the persistence, and professionalism are just a few terms to define Meg. She is AMAZING at what she does. My family and I are truly grateful to have her representing us in our transactions. Even when the unexpected occurred she was able to step outside her box of knowledge and assist us in tackling this event successfully. No doubt I would recommend Meg and I will utilize her in future needs. So thankful to have met her!
Manal Tirhi - Seller (Auburn, Wa)
Meg is a wonderful agent and a beautiful human being. She was genuinely concerned for me and my kids. She sold my house for top dollar and even went the extra mile when the buyers appraisal came in low - she got me my price! Her help and attentiveness to my situation was so appreciated. I think I found a real estate agent and a friend! Thank you Meg!
Mary & Devin Dance - Buyers (Puyallup)
“IF there was one word to describe Meg, it would be completely "perfect." She is very knowledgeable in what she does, patient and was very compassionate with finding us the perfect home. Our family was very lucky to find her! Meg went above and beyond for our family in so many ways I never thought would ever be possible for one to do! When we found our perfect home, everything went soooo smoothly by the time everything closed, I couldn't believe that becoming a first time home owner could be so easy! I thought it was going to take another five years to buy a house, but with the help and guidance from Meg, she made it all possible now. Meg was a dream that came true! And if anyone is looking for that perfect real estate transaction, I would highly recommend you go with Meg!
Travis Gagnier Attorney at Law - (Federal Way, WA)
“Meg and I have worked together with several mutual clients to assist them with sales of their property, credit issues and consulting with clients about property and foreclosure issues. Meg cares about the people she serves--really wants what is best for them as opposed to what will be most profitable. That is important to the clients, as well as to me as someone who refers my clients to her for assistance. Meg is not afraid to tell people things they may not want to hear--giving them real options and assessments of their situation. I enjoy working with Meg and feel confident when I refer a client that she will take good care of them.”
Eric Shafer - Client 'Tenant Advantage Program' (Milton, Wa)
“Recently, I found myself in the difficult position of having to find a new place to live, out of state. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to conduct a thorough search and go to view the properties in advance. With very little connection to the area, I needed someone I could trust to help me understand my needs and to find an ideal location for myself and my very large dog. Meg demonstrated a complete understanding of the market which made me feel at ease with the decision. She took the time to understand exactly what I would be needing and before too long was at work, finding some suitable places. She knew that I had a limited window of opportunity to actually make the move but also didn't want to settle with a temporary place or one that didn't fit my needs. Since I wouldn't be able to see my new home in advance I had no choice but to put my full faith in her. Upon arrival I was very happy to see that my trust was well placed. Meg came through in shining colors, not only meeting my deadline but finding me a place that not only suits my needs, but my personality to a tee. My dog loves his new back yard, and I couldn't be happier. Now that I know her I plan on going back whenever the need arises again. Without a doubt, her services were invaluable and I have no trouble recommending her to anyone who might need real estate or property management services. Meg obviously understands the real estate and rental market in this area and more importantly, has a knack for getting to the bottom of what her clients are really looking for even though I may not have been the best at explaining everything. After a month in my new place, I have no plans on looking elsewhere. I'm as happy as a clam. Thank you again Meg! Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Jim Lotterer - Buyer - Renton, WA
Meg was tenacious and was on top of every detail of the transaction. We always felt like we know what was going on and understood our options and risk. Meg always made time with us as needed and was always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Meg for anyone considering a home purchase.
Liney Sproul-Zartner (Old Town Tacoma)
Meg was a pleasure working with. She was professional, knowledgeable and very personable. She worked extremely hard for us to find and get the home we wanted (it wasn't even on the market.) We will highly recommend her to our friends and will use her again when we sell our home in the future!
Heather & Jack Thompson - Buyer and Seller (Bothell and Puyallup)
PHENOMENAL RENT TO OWN PROGRAM!! Meg has been such a blessing to us! We had some credit issues after going through a really rough patch for a couple of years and had to start completely over. We could not find anyone that would help us or treat us decently even though we had great income and really wanted to be out of the home we were in (because it didn't work for us anymore) but did not want to do a shortsale and definitely not foreclose. Meg patiently listened to ALL of our concerns and needs. She asked a lot of questions and we knew she was really taking our situation seriously. Our current mortgage was not working for us and my husband had to take a job in another area completely. The commute was tough on our budget and our family life. Meg found us an incredible home close to the Frederickson Boeing plant that is truly perfect for us. She handled everything with the seller and we are now in a rent to own option at a fixed price that we are ecstatic about! Oh! The best part is that she was able to help us find a perfect tenant buyer for our house in Bothell and save our mortgage history credit profile! Now we are on a solid plan with what she calls an 'exit strategy' to purchase the home we are in now and also help someone else purchase our Bothell home. Both families have what they want and need and Meg's integrity throughout the whole process has been so incredibly refreshing. (We had had a lot of bad experiences with other so called 'professionals') Meg, if we had not met you when we did we surely would have ended up giving the wrong people our money and most probably losing our house and credit rating. We are so thankful that you took us on and helped us come into such a positive place in life again. I wish there were more people out there like you, Meg. We'll always refer everyone we know to you and you are our broker for LIFE! With Sincere Gratitude, Heather & Jack Thompson
J. Stiver [seller, Redondo, WA]
Professional, knowledgeable and market-savvy. Stays on top of process noting possible pitfalls and deals with complex issues effortlesly. Will use again.
Josie Ooka & Tony Fuller - Sellers (Tacoma, WA)
To whom this may concern, There are no words to express what Meg has done for us. We were on the brink of foreclosure and getting ready to be evicted. We found Meg in a rather interesting way. On her site at the time, I was trying to register and couldn't figure how her site worked, so I stopped trying. Soon after, there was a message that said, "There is a human being behind this website..,." and it made me stop and think. It was oddly refreshing to read something like that, so we contacted her. Our circumstances were rather complicated. Prior to meeting Meg, we were in serious default with our mortgage and hired a lawyer for $2500 dollars to set up a mediation with Wells Fargo. Needless to say, Wells Fargo wouldn't budge, they were going to foreclose if we did not become current. What's worse is that right after the mediation, the lawyer we hired basically told us there was nothing more they could do. All that money we gave him for only one mediation. We were both very disheartened, distrustful of any lawyers, and losing faith fast. When we finally met Meg, she listened to all that had happened to us. When she took our circumstances on, she went after Wells Fargo like a pit bull! She put our house up for a short sale, and someone bought it! When she contacted us, it was always about needing documents, or needing us to sign documents and updating us every step of the way. She told us things about our house that we didn't even know about! Liens and all. In the meantime, my husband and I knew we needed to find another place to move. We have 2 German Shepherds and quickly found that German Shepherds were always on the list of restricted dogs. What were we to do? Here again comes Meg to the rescue! She set up a meeting with who is now our landlord renting a 3 bedroom 'HOUSE' with a backyard, covered patio and garage. Now our dogs have their own space,we have a nice comfortable home and a very nice landlord. If we love Meg for anything, it would be for renewing our faith in humanity. The lawyers, the banks, the lien holders used so many intimidation tactics, and we were very afraid not knowing what to do. Meg's assistance was nothing less then miraculous considering what drew us to her in the first place. So....., 1. Meg short sold our home successfully, and almost immediately. 2. We had very little to do except wait for her to call us and tell us what the next step was to be. We barely contacted Wells Fargo for anything. 3. She found what we needed in a home, and introduced us to who is now our landlord, and a great one at that. 4. Meg is a business woman of great integrity, knowledge and honorable business ethics. She's honest and very down to earth. 5. Most of all, nothing means more to us then the fact that Meg renewed our faith in humanity. For every person that does not care in this world, we know there is a 'MEG' out there. This one is for you Meg. Much love, Tony and Josie
Dr. Sylvia Foster - (Milton & Edgewood, WA)
Thank you so much Meg for securing a great tenant for my rental home, and handling all of the paperwork for the lease. Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable. I have used Meg in several transactions and will definitely continue to use her again.
Walt & Sylvia Bub - Sellers (Orting, WA)
Meg guided us thru the process every step of the way. She answered all our questions(there were many)! She went the extra mile for us and handled every detail without complaint, even when we got a little difficult . She is very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of Real Estate. We will use her expertise again and refer her to everyone we know.
Matt Ontiveros - Seller [Redondo]
“Meg was extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field. She is prompt, personable and very good at responding in a timely manner to all questions and concerns I had with my property and sales process. I highly recommend Meg and will definitely use her in the future.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Macey McLaren - Buyer (puyallup, wa]
“Meg is a lot of fun to work with, but very professional as well. She has detailed knowledge of real estate transactions, including loan processes. You very much feel as though you have a partner in your transactions. I would recommend Meg to any friend or family member looking to buy or sell their home with 100% confidence in their satisfaction.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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