Matt Erdmann, Realtor, Owner, Investor, Trainer (Keller Williams Realty)

29 S. Main Street Suite B4 West Hartford Ct 06107

West Hartford , CT 06107

Operating Principal of four Keller Williams Realty offices in Connecticut. Connecticut HomeVestors of America franchise owner and HomeVestors of America Connecticut Development Agent.

Get to know Matt Erdmann

Hey there...the instructions for this section of my profile was to share "who I am."  I am a lot of things...especially depending on who you ask :)  While I believe defining ourselves by our work is unhealthy this is a real estate networking site so I guess I will focus on that.  

At a very young age I had a paper route.  I had to deliver my papers before I went to school in the morning so I was up super early!  Before I headed out to deliver the morning news I would sit in front of the TV eating a bowl of cereal and watch infomercials (because that's all that was on.)  Believe it or not that's were I caught the real estate age 10 watching Carleton Sheets (and the like) over a bowl of frosted flakes. 

Fast forward twenty years or so and here I am, the owner of 4 residential real estate offices partnered with the the industries most innovated residential real estate franchise, Keller Williams Realty.  I am blessed to be in business with over 200 amazing residential real estate agents and have an amazing leadership team.  I've also aligned the investment side of my real estate wealth building with another national franchise, HomeVestors of America, opening a franchise in Hartford Country in 2011.  Around the HomeVestors models I've build a full time team focused on buying, rehabbing and reselling real estate here in CT.  Between now and delivering papers I purchased my first property (a multi family) without two nickels to rub together and before I was old enough to pull up stool at the local Viking Pub.  I've ssuccessfully managed rental property, flipped properties for fast cash, built a successful real estate sales team as a Realtor in Massachusetts, served overseas with the military, married my high school honey, had two beautiful daughters and met a ton of really cool people"in my travels."   Through it all I've never lost the bug!!!!  I love the potential and the challenges that real estate offers.  I love the variety, the relationships, the negotiations, the chase, the fun and the stress!    

Now I love watching and helping the agents and investors that I am in business with build their careers, overcome challenges and develope new strategies and new revenue streams to avoid the real estate roller coaster!  I hope to learn from and share with you all here!




To build the most successful real estate offices in all of Hartford Country by helping every agent who is willing to help themselves build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives with living.



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