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I love my job. I love helping to build, brick-by-brick and block-by-block, the community that we all live in. ~ A home is not mere shelter; its essence lies in the people who live in it. ~

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Hi!  My name is Michelle DeClerck and I'm a newly licensed Realtor with Curvey Real Estate, Inc. in Taylorville, IL.  Taylorville is a lovely, not-too-big and not-too-small community of approximately 12,000.  (Which I guess makes us "Just Right")  We are the "County Seat" of all of the surrounding smaller counties, but only a hop, skip, and a jump from the BIG City of Springfield, IL ( Approx. 30 miles).  I'm a "lifer" of Taylorville, and I have raised my son (who is now 16) in this wonderful town all of his life as well. Because of the schools in our community, with their superb academics and sports programs, he will either be an anesthesiologist or the next Tim Howard of The World Cup.  (A win-win as far as I'm concerned.)  


I believe being new certainly has its advantages, and with this I will be taking the "New Face, Super Excited, Fresh Approach".  I will specialize in finding the perfect home for family, friends, and clients. I will make it my priority to learn what is important to YOU and then I will find it!  Do you know of anyone who is looking for their dream home? Whether it be you or anyone you know, call me, text me, Facebook me, or e-mail me. I can show ANY home on the market regardless of the listing agent, and I am eager and excited to make it happen for you!  


OH!.... and need I mention we even have a Super Wal-Mart!!!  :)

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