Mike Jaquish, 919-880-2769  Cary, NC, Real Estate (Realty Arts)
NC Broker License #235526

130 Towerview Court

Cary , NC 27513

NC Real Estate Broker and REALTOR®, Owner of Realty Arts, Cary, NC. Helping Buyers & Sellers with Land, Homes, Investment Property in Cary, Apex, Morrisville, & Raleigh, NC.

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In my 23rd year of enjoyment of Cary, North Carolina.
In my 8th Year as an independent broker/owner of my own shop.
In my 15th year as a North Carolina licensed real estate broker and REALTOR®.

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Land, farms, building lots, rehab homes, rental property, estate homes, golf course homes, townhomes.

Are you trying to sell a "Problem Property?"  No fear here.  Call me, and let's see what you need.

I have a hands-on construction background, which I think benefits my clients.

First-time Buyers and Seniors are among my favorite home-buying clients.

Real estate investment is a powerful component in a successful investment portfolio.  I enjoy "doing the math" on investment homes, multi-family properties, and land, and helping folks build wealth with real estate.  

If you need to buy or sell an acre, or a thousand acres, a farm, or transitional land, give me a call. 

And Historic Homes?  Honoring the past through preservation can be very rewarding.  Having renovated two homes for myself, I know the sacrifices and the rewards of opening Pandora's Box.  It can be a trap...or a treasure chest!