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Mike Norvell Sr
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Get to Know Mike Norvell Sr

               As a full time Real Estate Agent, I can offer my years of local business background to be put to good use in the current markets.  I work Primarily with Investors and Developers looking to purchase distressed assets in the Central /South West Fla Area. Many Investors do not wish to have thier identity known while attempting to aquire these types of deals, I offer Proffessional Representation with a Single Agent Contract. This means I work ONLY for the Client that I represent.

My primary duties are locating and researching distressed properties in the Central  & South Florida market. As the market gets worse, our business is increasing due to the amount of distressed properties coming available! As of  mid 2008, we have hundreds of deals available at any given moment in the immediate area. Call Mike for an investment package to see if we might meet your criteria.

I believe in networking with as many people  as possible in the community to keep up to date on this area. I work closely with a team of Realtors and other industry professionals. Together, we promise to get the deals done with the least amount of hassle. Trust me, if it takes a Village to raise a child, it definately takes a Team effort to close on a property.

     We welcome any refferrals and promise to treat your friends and customers like we would treat our own. If you have a Refferral that has a need for Commercial or other Investment OPPORTUNITIES in Central and SW Fla, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide them with service beyond their expectations!



I  have been in business for over 30 years in Central Fl. My years in owning and operating business gives me a unique perspective. Making Real Estate deals involves dealing with business owners, we can see eye to eye.  I do work hard to set goals and then go for them. A clear vision to defined goals is how we work to get deals done.

Call me if you are interested in getting things done here in Florida.

   I also honor referrals from other Realtors and will gladly do the same. I also will split deals and Joint Venture on projects within our expertise.


I specialize in the finding of deals in Central  & SW Fl.  I am a detail person that you can count on to follow through with the highest of ethics. Entitled Land Deals, REO Packages, Office Parks, Strip malls, Apt Buildings, or most any Joint Venture deals. We work equally well with investors and property owners. Lots of ways to make money with your money in this area!!

 I find deals for CASH Investors and know of  projects that need new owners. Commercial projects are in the pipeline and bank portfolios are there for bidding.Its a great time to be an investor again!!


Mike Norvell Sr is a Full Time Florida Realtor /Investor specializing in HUD & REO HOMES, Investment Properties and Distressed Commercial Opportunities Bulk REO Properties.