Matt & Riahna Kastner, Multi-family Real Estate Brokers - St. Louis City (St. Louis Real Estate Society)

2654 Gravois Ave

St. Louis , MO 63118

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I specialize in rental, prerehab and foreclosure properties in South St. Louis. I'm active in all property types and prices ranges if they can turn a profit for my clients.

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I'm a huge advocate of specialization in the field of real estate. How can you really be great at what you do if you handle all types of properties all over the metro area? I'd like to think my specialization in South City investment properties makes me better able to serve my clients. I do my homework and I go above and beyond on my deals to make sure my clients get the service they deserve. 

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I focus on a narrow segment of the market and that focus makes me that much better at what I do. My area of emphasis is investment real estate properties in South St. Louis. I'm not your guy if you're looking for someone to sell your house, but if you are looking to buy or sell rental or pre-rehab properties we might get along well. I work with first-time buyers and season veterans alike.

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