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Hello to all you motivated, positive, successful, Law of Attraction and Secret users out there :) My name is Mike Ludens for those who don't know me, I am a Law of Attraction Teacher/Motivator.

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Hello my Fantastic friends :) My name is Mike Ludens. For those who don't know me, I am a Law of Attraction Teacher, Coach, and Inspirational Motivator. You can see some of my work on MySpace. My other profiles include: The Secret to Life"Affirmation Creations"Holosync Meditation MethodChanneled Inspirations and Inspiration Creations.Also please visit myLaw of Attraction Creations Blog This profile is designed to give you more info on the Law of Attraction. If you are like me, once you found out about this amazing power we never realized we have, you are probably trying to research more about it as possible. This and my other profiles are here to help you not only find out more, but to help you stay inspired and on track to attracting your desires.Inspiration Creations provides graphic images of some of the most beautiful pictures on the net with inspirational messages on them.Affirmation Creations provide you with beautiful little images with affirmations for you to repeat to yourself to stay aligned.The Holosync Method provides you with a method of meditation which will make your meditation sessions much more successful.

It is my desire to help as many of you wonderful creators as possible to fulfill your fondest desires while on this planet. There is great Love for you here always. Love and God Bless, Mike Ludens

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