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Have you ever wondered what it's like to seek and find EXACTLY what you are looking for? Let me say it another way. You are coming to me for a reason - you are looking for your home, you want great service and you need a professional who not only knows how to do the "job" but also understands the "Work". I say the "Work" with a capital "W" because I believe we are each put on this earth to contribute something of ourselves to others and to the Whole. I have a biotech degree and I am a Flamenco singer and never in 1000 dreams did I imagine I would be doing loans and real estate. Yes -  for some reason, that is exactly what I am doing, enjoying it immensely and helping many people in the process. I have been doing this since 2004 and since then helped hundreds of families. In many cases these families never thought they would own a home - they came from Ethiopia, Eretria and Mexico, US and were of all nationalities and socioeconomic classes. My parents were immigrants and so I wanted to reach out to these families, who, without the help of the down payment assistance programs I worked so hard to provide, may not have been able to own a home in the US at all. Maybe it's because I am that rare combination of math-nerd & people-person "tuned" in (being a musician) if you know what I mean. I can sense what you need and want even if sometimes you yourself don't believe it's possible. That's why my motto is "helping people get to the next level in their life". I truly believe that buying your first home or second home, or investment, whatever it is, is a next step - usually a big step - for many of us. It requires a lot of attention, analysis and foresight. For this decision to be made wisely and profitably, it requires good leadership from someone with experience. So I don't have to tell you that you are in good hands - just read/watch/listen for yourself.

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