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Kieran and Cecelia Loughman
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Get to Know Kieran and Cecelia Loughman

We,ve been a team for 44 years. We,ve raised 5 children. They actually like each other and hang out together. We have 4 beautiful grand children and we are grateful for what we have. I retired from the investment business and Cecelia in addition to being a housewife and mother has been involved in a not for profit organization for over 30 years. She has been chair person of the board of trustees for this organization that has over 500,000 members throughout the US and Canada. She has wisdom, style and grace. I'm a former stock broker and am used to making things happen. Between us, we match up well for Real Estate. We care about people and know that results matter and integrity counts. We know how how to handle situations that baffle a lot of people. We're able to listen in a way that makes a difference for most people. We have found that people like doing business with us. We spent our first few years learning the business. We don't want a mass marketing kind of business, although personally I am somewhat intrigued by it. We like our gated golf community and are committed to being the number 1 team here. We are attracting referrals and at the same time we are gaining internet marketing skills. We like the idea of working with other realtors and networking with them. Like most agents we want many listings. However we know how important it is to find buyers, particularly in Florida. We are the kind of realtors that will show other agents listings. If they have better priced properties, we're glad to show them. People in our community know this is true of us. We do Open Houses and willingly. We walk the neighborhood. We (me) are glad to introduce ourselves to other walkers. We recently got a $549,000 listing by saying "Hi and handing a card out." Cecelia is ever so slowly teaching me to "not force solutions" I am a willing, though not profficient, listener. I tell my children she is a " fierce negotiator" and our "power closer" I like working with her. Can you tell?


We are full service agents. We act as transaction brokers. We specialize in North Port, Port Charlotte, and Venice. We prefer Gated Golf Communities. We willingly give other realtors referrals and graciously accept them. We use e-mails to follow up with customers, prospects, and other agents. We do our own virtual tours. We use We use a program designed by sharper agent for Exit. It's called Exit Promo. We find it efficient and easy to use. We use Color for Real Estate for Post Cards. We just started with them and like them.


We are part of the fastest growing Real estate Francise Company in the US, Exit Realty. We like our office and our Brokers. We actively recruit agents to Exit. We receive 10% of their production.