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8005 W. 110th st Suite 216 Overland Park, Ks 66210 Commercial loans Available First Time Home Buyer Specialist Investment Property Specialist, Please remember i am never to busy for referrals!!!

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With our experience and expertise, we are committed to providing borrowers with the knowledge and information that enables them to make the right  financial decision.

Our goal is to help borrowers understand the mortgage process.  Whether they are first time home buyers or are refinancing to improve their cash flow.  We believe in helping borrowers make an informed decision they can feel good about.

Our main goal is to form a long-term partnership with our borrowers – guiding them through all their mortgage needs.

Our view was, and remains, that consumers like being able to get data directly from the web, but want a human face, interaction with someone, when it comes to securing a loan. There is an assurance of quality in the one-to-one relationship that people need.


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The following rates were calculated on 2/05/2007. Call for up to the minute quotes.


. Call for up to the minute quotes.


The following rates were calculated on 2/12/07. Call for up to the minute quotes.

6.125%30 YEAR FIXED6.00%15 YEAR FIXED 6.50%10 YEAR INTEREST ONLY 6.00%30 YEAR VA 6.625%3/1 ARM6.50%5/1 ARM6.50%7/1 ARM6.00%30 YEAR FHA

The following rates were calculated on 2/12/07. Call for up to the minute quotes.

6.125%30 YEAR FIXED6.00%15 YEAR FIXED 6.50%10 YEAR INTEREST ONLY 6.00%30 YEAR VA 6.625%3/1 ARM6.50%5/1 ARM6.50%7/1 ARM6.00%30 YEAR FHA


First Time Home buyer Specialist.Mortgages for investment,O/O FTHB OK Great programs contact me for more info

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 We are currently going through some changes. We are merging with another company so i will soon switch all the information. The merger is a great thing. More lending options. Mortgage Banker/ Broker... Many chances to advance. The change is coming soon. Thanks to all you that have sent me referrals.


Purchases, Refinances – Good or Bad CreditMortgages for borrowers regardless of credit score. Credit score could be as high as 800 or as low as 520.

10 through 30 Year Fixed Mortgages
The mortgage interest rate will remain the same on these mortgages throughout the term of the mortgage for the original borrower.

100% Purchase Programs
Mortgage in which the loan amount is the same as the purchase price. This is a no money down situation.

3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 Arm ProgramsAdjustable-rate mortgages in which rate is fixed for three-year, five-year and seven-year periods, respectively, but may adjust annually after that.

Interest Only Loans
A mortgage that allows the borrower to pay only the accrued interest on the total amount borrowed on the property.

Option Arm Programs
A mortgage that gives the borrower monthly payment options.

Construction Loans
A short term interim loan to pay for the construction of buildings or homes. These are usually designed to provide periodic disbursements to the builder as he or she progresses.

Bankruptcies Okay – (1 day out)
Loan in which the borrower has just recently had a bankruptcy discharged.

Balloon Mortgages
Loan which is amortized for a longer period than the term of the loan. Usually this refers to a thirty-year amortization and a five-year term. At the end of the term of the loan, the remaining outstanding principal on the loan is due. This final payment is known as a balloon payment.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
A mortgage made subsequent to another mortgage and subordinate to the first one.


Loan ApplicationStart New Loan Application Using our online loan application, you can take your time and complete your application whenever it's convenient for you. And, you can always save your work and come back and complete it later if you need to.To get started just enter your contact information including your e-mail address and choose a password to use for logging into our website later. If you've had contact with one of our staff members already, please select their name from the list. If name is not on list contact the loan consultant and let them know it is coming over.    Listed below are several tips to ensure that you receive a timely decision on your loan inquiry.  These tips are designed to help borrowers avoid some of the most common mistakes that cause delays in their loan approvals or cause it not to happen at all.  Half of the entire loan process is dependent upon the borrower.  To ensure a speedy credit decision on your loan inquiry, be sure to read and follow our helpful tips.Provide all documentation that is requested. Any missing documentation is likely to cause a delay in your loan approval process.  To obtain loan approval, you will typically need to produce:Pay stubs covering most recent thirty days W-2 statements covering the past two years Bank statements covering the most recent three months 401K, IRA, or Mutual Fund accounts showing most recent transaction summary Stocks or certificates of deposit (copies) Purchase and sales agreement (copy) 12 months cancelled rent checks or the name and address of your current landlord (if applicable) Fully executed divorce decree (if applicable) deed, insurance policy ,agent and contact information and most recent tax bill if you are refinancing  A letter explaining any known credit problems or fluctuations in income. (job change, increase in decrease in pay, Promotion...ect. If you are self employed, paid by commission, or own real estate used for rental purposes you will need to produce:Two years signed personal federal income tax returns including all schedules,1099's, ect If self-employed through a corporation, the last two years' corporate returns as well as a year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet.Business account information also. If additional information or documentation is requested, please provide it immediately.Read all documents carefully and ask questions if you need clarifications.  It is best to communicate all requests and clarifications in writing early in the loan process.Remember the Good faith estimate is just an estimate. You want someone you can trust.Ensure that the income you report on your application is the same income as that which is reported on your tax documents.Unless going stated income. Side jobs,waiters,selfemployed.Inform your Loan consultant  of any past credit problems. We will find later on. It helps to tell the truth up front.Review your credit report carefully to verify its accuracy. I can provide a copy When signing your closing documents, sign your name exactly as it is printed.   For example, you may need to include your middle name or initial in your signature. if is is not signed right, you may have to resign. costing you time and money...If you have more questions feel free to ask. that is what we are here for.   We are by design, a low cost provider of mortgage credit, managing efficiencies through Internet and intranet communications. We employ high-tech tools to provide access to information needed to get the best rates and achieve significantly higher volumes.   Sunflower Financial LLC Division of Clarion Mortgage Capital  Renting Vs. Owning There are lots of advantages to owning a home:Tax breaks. The interest on your mortgage is tax deductible. On a home loan of $120,000 nearly $200 a month is tax deductible. That comes to $2400 a year! You build equity. With each mortgage payment you make you own more and more of your home. When you decide to sell that is money in your pocket you can use on another home, to pay off high interest credit cards and other debt or keep. The more equity you have in your home the closer you are to financial independence. Appreciation. As you own your home and take care of it, it goes up in value. This means that if you buy your home for $120,000 and decide you want to sell it later in life, it could be worth 5, 10 or even $20,000 more. (Find an apartment that can do that!) That is money that you earned by just taking care of your house. This is exactly opposite of your car. Something to be proud of.