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JoAnn Berkoff
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Get to Know JoAnn Berkoff

We all strive to have a comfortable lifestyle in our homes. A cozy living room...a favorite chair to relax inviting bedroom...our home is a place we can truly be ourselves. It only makes sense then that all the things we love about our home should get special attention when we decide to sell it. It's time to take another look at the wall-to-wall carpet...could it use a good cleaning or maybe it needs to be replaced? What about the powder blue wall color that you just love? That too may need to be updated because prospective home buyers may not love blue walls quite as much as you do. The name of the game is to make your home the one on the market that a prospective buyer can't live without. This is where I enter the picture... I have been redesigning and staging homes since 2004, when I started Finishing Touches Design Service, LLC.

My passion for interior design began at a very early age. As a young girl I remember wall papering the kitchen and bathrooms for my mother, and it wasn't uncommon for me to rearrange my bedroom furniture and redecorate on a whim. But I have to say my love for interior design, redesign and decoration really developed over 20 years of moving in the military as an Army wife and mother. Those frequent moves to new states...countries and home bases inspired me to do what came naturally...redesign with our well traveled furnishings and set up our home where we were stationed. My neighbors and friends were astonished to learn I didn't think twice about wainscoting the family room with wallpaper or painting our military quarters. I even recall wallpapering our kitchen from ceiling to base boards in Ft. Lewis, WA...AND I loved it! To me this was part of setting up a beautiful and comfortable lifestyle for my family and it came naturally. The experience of frequent travel, exposure to different cultures and lifestyles only enriched and fed my love for interior design and decoration and encouraged me to do and share what I love most.



In addition to being a certified Interior Designer I am also an Interior Redesign Industry Specialist (IRIS) and Certified Interior Staging Specialist (CISS). Our focus is to get your home market ready and transformed from having a "lived in look" to a "model home look." The goal is to make your home "stand out". Professionally staged homes show better and are sold quicker than homes that have not been staged. At Finishing Touches Design Service, LLC, the process begins with:

A consult and walk through home evaluation Thorough room by room assessment Identifing home repairs or improvements needed  Presenting the client with a "to do list" for staging preparation

Once necessary changes have been made and the property is ready to be staged, Finishing Touches Design Service, LLC gets busy! We start with furniture arrangements that enhance the room(s) focal points that may have otherwise been unnoticed. We highlight architectural features with art work and just the right amount of creative accessorizing that will leave a prospective buyer "Wowed".  The following "before & after" photos show how a few simple changes can pull a room together!






Finishing Touches Design Service, we specialize in stylized home redesign and staging with model home appeal.