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Megan Gagnon
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Get to Know Megan Gagnon

Megan was born and raised in central New Hampshire, and currently resides in Northern Massachusetts. Since an early age she has always been extremely devoted to increasing her knowledge and experience. She graduated high school at the age of 16, and immediately went to college after, majoring in business management with a minor in marketing communications. After college she took the immediate role as Director of property management for a national corporate office specializing in commercial properties. Megan later branched out into the real estate field and gained additional intermediate experience with residential property management, subsidized housing in multiple communities, and the redevelopment of distressed properties. In 2006 Megan and a former partner founded Reality Consulting LLC, which changed over to Reality Consulting & Business Management LLC in early 2011. The company offers an extensive variety of professional services and experience to all individuals and businesses. To facilitate the growth of the company and optimize further growth, Megan restructured the company and the services offered to individuals and businesses, even implementing several unique coaching and mentor development programs. Multiple services offered range from property management, business planning and development, marketing, financial management, private one on one debt consolidation, and even maximizing credit profiles to ensure a solid financial future for all business owners and individuals. Megan is also an enthusiastic real estate investor focusing on single family homes and commercial properties in multiple states.

Megan continues to push her education on a regular basis, and after numerous requests is now sharing her experience and knowledge with individuals seeking to further their own financial education in the real estate field. Starting in January 2012, Megan along with additional experts will be instructing financial workshops and property management seminars focusing on educating all individuals in the real estate industry. You can generally find Megan at your local R.E.I.A meeting with a large smile on her face, networking with all individuals.


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