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Service oriented, experienced Broker specializing in residential and commercial sales. Experienced Buyer Agent. Expert in income property analysis.

Get to know Dennis Erickson

Here's why I'd like you to consider doing business with me:

1.  I'm not boring.

2. I own a smart phone, laptop, desktop, flattop and a droptop and know how to use all of them.

3. I know what I'm doing.  30 years, several up and down markets, Top Producer, owned a real estate company, sold one, seen hundreds of transactions from beginning to end, am a Master Negotiator (blush), love dogs, children and all things Montana.

4.  I'll listen to you, actively and intently, and will tell you if I can help you or not.  In short, I won't waste your valuable time.

5.  I help people make smart buying and selling decisions.  Plain and simple.  It's my job. 

6.  I'm not a cowboy, but I do things the Cowboy Way.  Do the work, don't complain when it rains, never quit, get the job done, no excuses.

7.  I save people money.  Lots of money.  Example:  Last year a client came to me with a 10-unit condo project.  He wanted to sell the units at $90,000 each.  I showed him how we could easily get $135,000 and up for them.  He listed, I sold, he banked an additional $300k plus because he did business with me.  One example. 

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I worked the first nine years of my real estate career as a real estate investment specialist.  I sold  apartment complexes in the Denver Metro area during the years of the savings and loan crisis.  I learned how to work the numbers that drive real estate investments every way they can be worked and I learned which numbers meant something and which ones were pure fluff.  I enjoy commercial real estate a great deal.  It presents some challenges and I like that.  I'm currently working on putting together an investment club to capitalize on some of the better investment properties that are on the market today. 

I believe home ownership by as many Americans as possible is one of the great differentials between Americans and the rest of the world.  We're extremely lucky to have the resources both physical and financial to make home ownership accessible to so many Americans.  We've been given a great opportunity and I get a lot of pride from helping people achieve their goal of owning a home.  It's a great feeling.







Income property analysis expert.  I can help clients identify investment opportunities in troubled or under-performing assets when buying and, when selling, offer a plan that will increase their property value by trimming expenses, maximizing rents and properly positioning their property in the market for sale. 

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  • Commercial
  • Investment Properties
  • Luxury Homes
  • REO/Bank Owned
  • Residential
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