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Welcome Home to your Washington DC Metro Realtor. If you would like the benefit of someone who is a native to the area and lived and worked in MD/DC/VA all of their lives then you’re in the right place.


Are you Relocating to the Washington DC Area and just can't decide whether you should live in DC, MD or VA? Looking to navigate the real estate waters of investing and would like to determine the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time? Have you been thinking about Buying your dream home or Selling your most precious investment? Want to know the Pros and Cons of resale versus new construction? Which area in MD, DC or VA best fits your needs and that of your family? Need information on mortgage financing, jumbo, arms, conventional and FHA and which works best for you? New to investing and looking for Hard Money, Private Money and just Plain Good Deals? Want to better understand seller held financing and lease options? Looking for a certified Luxury Home Agent? Looking for a certified Foreclosure Agent?

The Washington DC Metro is warm and inviting. Washington DC continues to have unprecedented gains in value despite economic trends. Washington DC is a hub for investors because of the reorganization and revitalization the city has experienced over the past 7 years. Northern VA is a major portal for the computer technology and business world at large which adds to its stabilization of value. Maryland has a melting pot of counties with blue ribbon schools, fantastic parks, world class orchestra halls and wonderful enclaves to live and work. The Washington DC Metro arena has it all! If you enjoy working and playing in the city but want the quiet of the suburbs, anyone of the incredible communities in both Northern VA or MD will work for your needs. If you want it all by living, working and playing in the city and want the luxury of a home with the amenities of a condo DC has a wealth of real estate that fits every need.  The diversity of the Washington DC Metro area is beyond imagination, unveiling delectable foods, exciting shows from all over the world and every form of business and commerce.

Ubber trendy condo lofts in DC, sprawling luxury mega mansions in the hillsides of Northern VA and MD and gorgeous single family homes in the suburbs. Palatial single family homes with 4 levels, massive porches and detached 2 car garages, one might think they are in the suburbs but they are actually in outstretches of Washington DC. Don't miss this unbelievable opportunity to own a fantastic home in the Washington DC Metro area.


Meet Natalie Dean

Watch Natalie Dean as she brings you updates on the Real Estate market to help you find the right luxury home at the right price.



For 12-years I had the extreme privilege of working in marketing, developing and managing a government contract firm owned and operated by my father. As I reflect I realize it as a privilege not only for the opportunity but more importantly because of the time spent with the ones you love in a such a unique environment. The skill set I gained is what empowers me today to bring my A game everyday to my real estate practice, for the betterment of my client and those I have the opportunity to work along side.  Thus my real estate journey began in the Spring of 2002.

I have owned real estate since I was 21 years old and was exposed to managing rental properties since my early years. I assume that my being an agent was in the making long before I realized the goal. In 2002 I also joined forces with another serial-prenuer (my husband) and so a life long journey of fun, fortune and opportunity was spurred. Since then together we have owned 2-homes and 3-businesses.

Recently we decided to make an addition to our real estate practice, investor relations. We are completing education on every aspect of investing from wholesaling to lease options, rehabbing, private money sources, understanding hard money and the list goes on. The opportunities for investors in explosive in the Washington DC Metro region and we want to be sure to avail this value added service   to veteran investors, newbies and give the gift to those who never dreamed it possible.

My business acumen and background has given me sharp negotiating skills. Continued education and knowledge of the industries ebbs and flows gives me the ability to utilize these in best interest of my buyer and seller.  My passion for real estate and personal experience allows me to show compassion and empathize with the emotional outlook of my client. 


The industry has evolved since I entered it in 2002. Today these are four essential components to giving buyers and sellers what they deserve. An educated and well trained real estate agent who is constantly networking with their peers and the industry at large, to provide their client with the best service possible. Social media is primary in knowing the pulse of the market and all financial sectors and how it affects your local markets and then disseminating the information to your audience.

I am a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute which is the highest held designation in the industry. This designation has given me and edge in technology, working stronger with buyers and sellers and understanding their unique needs and a solid foundation in how to properly navigate the current real estate climate regardless of the condition. I am mostly honored in that the education impressed a commitment to serving the needs of the client with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

This is a certification that comes from the largest REO vendor in the nation. A comprehensive understanding of how to best perform Broker Price Opinions and an in-depth study of the Foreclosure process and how best to assist distressed home owners. These components in conjunction with a knowledge of the short sale market endows me with the capability to navigate the distress home buying and selling world with ease.


I have completed classes with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing which built a platform on understanding the needs of home buyers and sellers of exceptional properties. Developing the aptitude to identify the motivations and expectations of the luxury consumer gives me an edge in working with affluent consumers in listing and selling fine homes and estates. 


Growing up in Northern VA, moving to Maryland in 2002 and working in and out of Washington DC all my life has given me a perspective most do not have of the area.  I understand the nuances and trends that vary in all three jurisdictions but also the constants that are Germain to Washington DC Metro Region as a whole. I know where all the great places are to eat, shop and entertain all over the area.  As well I can identify with the consumer who is moving here and wants particulars on school systems, commuting (realistic) and the strongest hubs for various lines of work.

This is a fantastic area to grow your career, raise a family, be a nature enthusiast and enjoy every form of culture from around the world. The towns and cities that seem to garner the most attention over the years are:

NORTHERN VA: Fairfax City, Reston, Vienna, Falls Church, McLean, Great Falls, Arlington, Alexandria, Cascades, Potomac Falls 

MARYLAND: Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Rockville, Silver Spring, Bowie, Greenbelt, Upper Marlboro, Fort Washington, Columbia, Annapolis, Crofton 

WASHINGTON DC: The re-gentrification over the past 7 years has lead the city to evolve into major quadrants such as The Palisades, Columbia Heights, Georgetown, Tenleytown, Petworth, Brightwood, Ledroit Park, U Street Corridor, Shaw, Woodridge, H Street, Trinidad, Capitol Hill, The Waterfront, Brookland, Dupont Circle, Crestwood, Cleveland Park and Foggy Bottom - West End.


My focus is my client and their needs! My niche markets are short sales, foreclosures and luxury homes. As stated in previously we have just added an investor relation side to the business, more on that in later post.

Working with both buyers and sellers gives me the advantage of knowing who is selling and who is looking to buy now. This means shorter days on market for my sellers and tons of inventory ready to be sold for my buyers. I am one of the 3% of real estate agents in the Washington Metro Region who hold a license in all three states Maryland, DC and Virginia. This has lead me to helping numerous relocation clients over the years to understand the layout of the area, show property in a number of areas and help them make an educated decision as to what side of the "beltway" would best suit their needs. Ask for more information about our relocation services.

I love my clients and meeting their needs is what matters most. Sellers are in a unique situation because of the market and the economic cycles that it has experienced.  I use a Quick Sale - Top Market Value Program for my VIP clients that I know brings desired results.  I have a full blown marketing program of services that offer a variety ways to sell your home, savvy options for the VIP client. Buyers need education in this market, it has been flooded with short sales, reo's and new construction. Having a Realtor that can properly educate you on the ABC's of all three and setting proper expectations is crucial.


Although I love the whole area and each side has a treasure all its own I have found that having an area of focus is best. My primary areas are Bowie, Annapolis, Upper Marlboro, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Arlington and Brightwood and Crestwood in DC . Can I assist a buyer or seller in any of the towns named, most definitely but you will find that I primarily blog about these spots and their goings on.

These areas have their own blogs and news report tailored to whats happening within their nucleus and I think it is vitally important to keep my buyers and sellers well informed. Real estate is an investment and the client needs current information that is accurate and intelligent so that they can make a decision that will prove to be sound now and in the future.


Would you love a list of homes that fit your specific needs? Want a list of REO's; Short Sales, Luxury Homes in a certain area or price range? Have a home to sell and just don't know where to start? I am here to help you navigate the sea of real estate that ends in a successful voyage. Contact me and I will send you everything electronically and set you up with Listings on Demand By Natalie Dean. This is an electronic drip service of listings emailed to you in real time format from the MLS. No more spending your work or play time aimlessly searching the net for information I can provide in a snap.


There are endless amounts of questions and concerns as you get ready for the sale of your precious investment. I encourage asking them early, two to three months in advance, that gives you the greatest lead time and you end with no surprises. Want to know what you can expect from me when you list your home:

A comprehensive marketing report- detailing specific time lines of sold and listed properties. This gives you up to date information on what the true value is of your home at the time we connect. What is your neighbors value of their home? How does it compare to your value? What upgrades truly matter and where best to spend any dollars on fix ups for highest rate of return. A REDBOOK of vendors complete to handle projects around your home. The Quick Sale Top Market Value Super Program- Action items that guarantee a highest value sale of your home in the shortest amount of time.

I both appreciate and value working with families in establishing your homestead as a place where your family can grow and plant roots. I have a wealth of knowledge in negotiating complex contracts and providing funding for emerging entrepreneurs to help grow their business portfolios. Individuals who give me the privilege of working with them can be confident that you are working with a strong professional who endeavors to ascertain a full understanding of your needs and exceed your demands.


PGCAR Gold Award Recipient  

PGCAR Silver Award Recipient 

PGCAR Bronze Award Recipient 

Top 20 Agents General Real Estate Listings and Sales

Member of the Realty Executives 100% Club


*Negotiating New Home Construction

*Luxury Homes

*Negotiating Short Sales

*Investment Properties

Professional and knowledgeable agent! We will use Natalie again if we need a Realtor again!
I HAVE MY DREAM HOUSE, thanks to Natalie!!! It was such a HUGE obstacle to locate a home in the District that was fitting to my grandfather's needs. There were so many homes to look at, but Natalie got a good feel for my style and our needs! I knew we were in GREAT hands!! The process was long and seemed unfruitful, but we dodged so many bullets because of Natalie's keen eye, professionalism and honesty! I have a new respect for Real Estate Agents! She took so much weight from me, and made the process sooooo much less stressful! Sometimes, when we deal with matters so much, WE know it like the back of our hands.....but when dealing with CLIENTS that are GREEN on real estate matters, we have to revert to kid gloves (like one potato, two potato, etc...). I truly needed this and the "detailed" understanding that Natalie and her team provided on each matter. Her style of professionalism, honesty, knowledge and your overall core, was such a refreshing encounter!
I really enjoyed working with Natalie and appreciate her professionalism. She made my short sale process seamless. She also made it easy for me to receive and sign documents very convenient. Thanks Natalie!
Natalie is a great agent that actually helped me with buying and selling my home. She knows how to work out the kinks that can often happen during the home buying/selling process. She is the best!
Ms. Dean is incredible. She is patient, understanding, and good at what she does. My wife and I had so many questions and Ms. Dean either knew the answer or promptly found the answer for us. I highly recommend her for any real estate needs you may have.
You will not believe how reassuring of a feeling it is to have a Realtor that has your best interest at heart! It makes SOOOO much of a difference in your life when you have the right one. They help you avoid the pitfalls that are seen and unseen. I originally started my Short Sale in June of 2011 with a realtor that i quickly learned to be unresponsive and with no interest in making this process as efficient and stress free as it could be. By December of that same year, i was the one doing all the work when it came to speaking with the short sale dept at the bank, getting paperwork to them, researching information, etc. and still had not made aprotean progress. The first contract that I received had cancelled because it was taking too long and the second one was about to do the same. A friend of mine refer me to Natalie and that's when everything changed. Natalie met with me, explained what I needed to know about Short Sales and the process. Then, as time went on, she kept in touch as much as possible with not only me, but her Team AND my bank. When there were updates, she explained in DETAIL exactly was going on and what it meant for me. When I needed to get paperwork signed, she explained why the bank needed it, the details of what the papers were saying, and how it impacted the sale of my home. She was awesome! Buying a home is a stressful process, but its even more stressful when your financially in a bind, need to sell your home, and have a life that is extremely time consuming. You can do as much research as you want when it comes to homes, mortgages, and the like, you'll never know more than a great realtor. If anyone is ever looking for a realtor, she is definitely the best one to have!
Natalie recently helped me and my husband purchase our first home. As first time home buyers, we really appreciated Natalie's patience and thoroughness. She really took the time to make sure we understood all aspects of the purchase process as well any other questions or concerns we may have had. She was extremely professional and reliable and we would recommend her services to anyone wholeheartedly. Thanks for all your help Natalie- we love our new home!
Lisa Adair
Natalie is a true professional with great knowledge. She helped us save a lot, went above and beyond to help us, made the whole process easy for us and we felt like a family with the personalized services she gave that fit our needs.
Laurine Thomas, PhD
I wish to unreservedly recommend Natalie's services as a Realtor. When I decided to buy my first home in 2003 it was a seller's market, and like most first time buyers I was rather confused at the choices I faced and the bewildering amount of paperwork I needed to complete. I had a Realtor before Natalie who was very abrupt, impatient and pushy. As a result, I was actually contemplating shelving my home buying dreams when I had a good fortune o be referred to Natalie by one of her satisfied clients. I immediately detected a difference in approach. My current Realtor and others I had met claimed that client satisfaction is their top concern. I am happy to say that client satisfaction is Natalie's only concern. To this end she listened very carefully to my description of what I was looking for, what I did not like, What I was willing to spend and when I needed to close on a property. Then she took all of this information and crafted a personalized plan that had me out of my apartment and in the new home of my dreams in 6 weeks flat. Throughout the entire process she remained responsive, always returning calls, always following through on whatever she promised to do and ensuring that everyone else that was involved in the transaction did the same. She was willing to share her inside knowledge of several DC neighborhoods, the cost of renovations, etc. all of which enabled me to make the best choice. When I began to tire in week 4, she remained enthusiastic and optimistic and refused to allow me to settle on a property that did not meet my original requirements just because I wanted to buy something and end the process. After I moved into my new home, Natalie checked on me regularly during the first couple of weeks to ensure that everything went smoothly. When I ran into problems in having my telephone service connected she was able to refer me to a repairman who handled the problem with facility. Natalie's positive attributes are myriad. She is the consummate professional...always punctual, pleasant, polite and positive. Her organizational skills are impeccable such that she always had at her fingertips whatever information was needed to move the process along. Natalie is scrupulously honest, and while she had numerous opportunities to cheat me or act in an underhand manner, she never did. I have had the pleasure to refer Natalie to some of my friends and all who have contacted her have been impressed. Home buying is a complex endeavor at best, but with a professional like Natalie involved, much of the pain and error is removed and a pleasant and productive experience is guaranteed. Natalie is truly a credit to her profession!
Janice P McLaurin
We first met Natalie through my fiancé, now husband. Our initial meeting was very informal yet professional as she attempted to learn what our needs were with respect to our home. See, we were also making wedding preparations at the same time. Natalie was very understanding and suggested we focus on the home buying process first instead of trying to take care of both projects at the same time, less stressful. We agreed, and to the benefit of everyone involved it was smooth sailing from then on. Natalie was determined to find our home, given the options we were looking for,and to do so as quickly as possible. The hunt was fun, and Natalie made herself available at any hour to assist us. Her professionalism, knowledge, diligence and concern for us as clients made the process exciting and enjoyable. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to buy/sell a home.
The Bishops
When we were looking for a home it was a very frustrating process at first. We couldn't seem to find anything we could afford and everything we could afford was not to our liking. Natalie took the frustration away and was patient with us. She sent us a number of listings to review by email first (with pictures) until we found our dream property! Thank you Natalie for expert advise and assistance. We could never have bought a home without you.
Stacia Simmons
It was a pleasure working with Natalie on the sale of our home. Although we sold during a troubled market, Natalie was relentless in her efforts to sell our home never wavering in her duty as a Realtor. She took care in making sure the situation ended in the best possible way for our family, selling our home! She did a magnificent job.
I appreciate your hard work and professionalism. In my book you are an expert at what you do, and I would gladly and confidently refer others to you. May Jehovah bless you and Les as well, and I look forward to a friendship with you both that will last for eternity.
Annette Doughty
My name is Annette Doughty and I want to express my appreciation to Natalie Dean for her tenacity and hard work. Several months ago I was in bankruptcy and facing te foreclosure of my home. A friend recommended Natalie as a real estate agent. She was facing an extremely difficult task of selling my home before it was foreclosed on. Undaunted, Natalie set about contacting mortgage lenders and anyone necessary to first stop the foreclosure, then sell the house. Natalie stopped the foreclosure after much negitiation. Natalie helped negotiate several ratified contracts that for one reason or another did not go to settlement. Finally, one purchjaser was approved and Natalie engineered a smooth settlement. I am now out of bankruptcy and living comfortably --- thanks to Natalie's tenacity. Because of her no-nonsense, but pleasant approach to business, I will recommend her to anyone planning to purchase or sell a home. She's the best!

Natalie brings your real estate dreams to life. Over 18 years of contract negotiations and a determination to succeed. Her goal is your happiness. Expertise- Foreclosure, Short Sale and Luxury Market.