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I am a loan officer with 1st Rate Mortgage. We offer residential and commercial lending services. We area also FHA, VA, and WHEDA approved.

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I feel I have a unique skill-set many other loan officers may not have.  I was born a raised in GB.  I was successful in car sales for five years and made the switch to mortgages in July.  Although I have not been in mortgages for a long time, I have been learning from Jordan Thayse for some years.  I will also be graduating from NWTC in Dec of 08 with my Associates Degree in Business Administration Credit.  I feel with my sales experience and education I bring a lot to the table.

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All loan officers should be sufficient in all types of loans.  What myself and 1st Rate Mortgage pride ourselves on is being servicing the customer.  Some of the things we do that set ourselves apart are; Free Refinancing for the life of the loan, we have a team of experts built by us for my clients, unparalleled knowledge of a wide array of programs to make sure it is not just the best loan but the RIGHT loan for the customer, and a client service program designed to help maintain and appreciate my clients home with local businesses you can trust.

Those are a few of the things that make us different.  We try to be on the leading edge in the mortgage industry.

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