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Joe Smith
Great SEO Services that you can afford!
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NeNet is one of the premier Real Estate oriented internet service providers focusing on search engine placement, dynamic content, and spam prevention. We have reduced spam for customers on the order of 99% or greater. I did not start this company intending to become a hosting company with multiple customers. I started it because I was fed up with the terrible service I was getting from the hosting company I used to host my very first website. I had developed a dynamic site, got it hosted out on the internet, and developed lines of traffic and marketing. The problem was that the company I used to host my site was down more than they were up. I was losing business. Finally I contacted a backbone connectivity provider and got my own high speed connection into my office. We put our site up on it and never had another problem. After a few years friends and business associates began to ask me who was hosting my site because it was so fast and reliable. Well, my one website grew to what NeNet is today. We own our own data center, have multiple high speed connections in this city and others, are currently hosting servers for companies that have thousands of sites. We are a porn free network, we do NOT host any adult material and we boast a 99.9% uptime over the last 7 straight years. We have had 1 outage in the last 6 years which lasted 3 hours and was the result of a construction company cutting a fiber. Our servers are solid and our development and marketing staff are sharp. We are an internet company that responds to customer needs. You will not get stuck in voice mail if you call our office. If you are an existing customer and call our office for service we will respond to you within 2 hours or less (that is 2 hours, not 3 business days). As a disabled vet, I have a passion for long distance shooting and have designed multiple products in the firearms industry. As a Class 7 FFL Firearms Manufacturer, I have enjoyed great success mostly because of putting my SEO skills to work on my own site. In the last year I designed a Remington 700 Chassis which my SEO and Marketing skills have gained us a high level of visibility. I would love to help you with your SEO, and getting your site to the top in Google. 


NeNet provides the following services.

Search Engine Optimization SEO - We get top rankings! Website Development and Hosting Homes For Sale By Owner Websites Technology for Growth Agressive Spam Blocking Solutions


High Level SEO for Small to Fortune 500

Network Architect

Network Administration

Website Development - PHP, JS, Wordpress, Joomla

Database Development - dBase, Clipper, Foxbase, MySql, MSSql


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services. Website hosting and development company. Working to make your company stand out above your competitors in all the major search engines.