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Hi, my name is Neal Engler and I have been a residential LOAN OFFICER since 1998. My background before my "Mortgage life" found me working as a financial planner for SunAmerica Security's in Los Angeles. I opened my own Mortgage company "Englerloans" in 2000 and have since moved from the Los Angeles Area to the South Orange County Area where I have set up an office in beautiful Aliso Viejo. I am currently working at LendPlus in Aliso Viejo, CA


I learned the mortgage business from the bottom, and I mean bottem. I worked for a company called Loan Web who are an internet lead provider who set up their own little mortgage company to follow up the leads that they could not sell, which meant all the leads that were not very good. Credit issues, House values, Bankruptcy's, Foreclosures...etc.... I've seen them all and I learned how to get these people new loans and cash out if equity was available. I have worked with and still work with a gifted group of lenders who seem to be able to make the unthinkable work.


NMLS license number 241423


master at loans


I'll stand on my head to find the perfect mortgage for you. (See picture)😜 17 yrs experience, I've been there and done that, I know how to make the loan process simple and easy call me 949-468-8520