Norma Yassi Braccia (StyleMaven Staging and Redesign, LLC in Wayne, PA)

StyleMaven Staging & Redesign, LLC services include home staging, vacant homes, senior relocation, move-in decorating, color consultations, holiday & event decorating. Call us at 610-989-1610.

Get to know Norma Yassi Braccia

Home staging is about the art of magic.  It's how a magician would sell your house.  It is not decorating and it's more than cleaning.  It's about creating the perfect mood in each room of your house.  Staging makes your house look larger, lighter, fresher, cozier, more welcoming and to top it off, it makes buyers want to move in!  The words most often used to describe home staging are cleaning, de-cluttering, painting and making minor repairs.  But home staging really starts after those things are finished.  Home staging is about dressing a house for a quick and successful sale!  It's about including the small details:  it's not just lip liner and lipstick but gloss too or not just the perfect suit and tie but making certain your shoes are shined for that most important interview.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Let StyleMaven help you make it your best impression. StyleMaven Staging & Redesign takes the art of interior design and creates a home that appeals to the senses.  Home staging is only part of what we do.  We invite you to browse through our site at to discover all that StyleMaven has to offer.


StyleMaven Staging & Redesign strives to be of value.  Success comes automatically when you are of value to others.  When staging your home, we use a trained set of eyes to look critically at your house from purely a marketing perspective.  Every home has unique qualities and we carefully study each home and design a customized plan that will bring a successful sale.  StyleMaven strives to accentuate the positives of your home while providing a road map for correcting the negatives that might preclude a serious prospect.  We believe in creating a spacious, elegant and homey setting that is designed with your potential buyer in mind.  WHO IS THE STYLEMAVEN?StyleMaven Staging & Redesign, LLC is owned and operated by principal designer, Norma Yassi Braccia.  Norma was raised in a family of homebuilders.  From the time she knew the difference between red, yellow and blue she was helping her father and uncles choose floor plans and color schemes to offer their clients.  Norma has years of experience in observing the features that capture a home buyer's attention, both while working with her dad and during the time she was a Realtor.  That experience, a BBA in marketing from Temple University, her ASP certification as well as years in sales, provides Norma a true "buyer's eye".  She has the ability to understand the details that will turn the place you live into the place they will love!

 When asked how StyleMaven came about, she smiles.  "As a kid, I used to draw a lot.  Everyone told me I had a great eye for color.  Decorating, entertaining, and fashion have all been passions for me since I can remember.  The details are very important and make all the difference.  Aside from my family, I've spent years helping my friends decorate when they moved, grew tired of the look in their homes and for special occasions.  Finally, I decided it was time to do what I love every day. "

"Finding a name for my company was a challenge at first", she explains.  "My husband and I polled friends and family with lists of names but nothing was quite right.  During the process, my husband called me by the nickname he had given me when we first met, StyleMaven.  The polling stopped and StyleMaven Staging & Redesign was formed."