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Get to know Brandon O'Bryon

O'Bryon Law Firm is a firm that specializes in working with real estate investor. We deliver advanced strategies, services and success to clients who are looking to make their wealth in real estate. Through our sister company, O'Bryon Realty Group, we also provide additional tools and services to help our clients reach their goals.

Our clients have called us "creative", "problem solvers" and "trustworthy". We have been fortunate enough to establish client relationships as they have come by referral, or as encountered in the real estate investing circles.

O'Bryon Law Firm, LLC has attorneys licensed in Wisconsin and California.


Investor Mindset

Every real estate investor needs good legal counsel to succeed in the challenging, yet rewarding real estate investment arena. The right attorney will understand your creative objectives and provide a safe path to reach your desired destination.

O'Bryon Law Firm, LLC provides the following services:

•·         Customized Documents

Whether you need a specific set of terms in your offer to purchase, certain legal disclosures, or some other unique document, it is vital that the documents meet state law.

•·         Short Sales Negotiation Services

So, you can get a discount from the bank, but what about the other liens or the 2nd mortgage? Will the seller owe money afterwards? This highly profitable investor technique to acquiring properties is what we love to do.

•·         Business Formation

A must for every investor is having the right business entity in place to protect what you work hard to earn. An LLC is often sufficient, but more advanced investors may need additional planning and protection.

•·         Foreclosure

The process of foreclosing on a private mortgage or land contract can be painful. Alternatives may be available to shorten the litigation time period and redemption rights.

•·         Subject-To Transactions

This type of ownership provides real challenges and real opportunities to the investor who is able to take a property subject to the existing loan.

•·         Evictions

One of the fastest ways to ruin your property and profits is to leave a deadbeat renter in your property. We can take swift action to return your property as soon as possible.

•·         Small Claims

Have a claim under $5,000.00 that you need to collect? It starts with a judgment that can follow the debtor around for years to come. We can take you through the process.

•·         Professional Advice

We can provide clear, analytical thinking to assist in opening wide the potential of any opportunity. As a mortgage broker or real estate broker, we are available to provide technical advice. Give us a call!

•·         Real Estate Closings

From simple to complex...we can do them.

•·         Estate Planning Asset Protection

POA's, Trusts, Wills, Probates.

•·         Debt Relief

Are you overextended financially? Have you found that your real estate investing has left you with more bills than income? Have you been hurt in the "correction" in the real estate market? We understand the difficult position that you are in, the embarrassment that you may feel, and will help you find a way out of your situation.

•·         Bankruptcy

Our Firm will not recommend this option to any client, unless it is a last resort to get our client on track to financial freedom.

We are a debt relief agency pursuant to Federal Law §524 of Title 11 of the US Code. We provide legal assistance and help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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