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Kevin Cox
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Get to Know Kevin Cox

Omega Consulting - (May 1985 - Present)

Investment Banker, Management & Sales Consultant*Accomplishments: Mega-Tel Cellular Cellular Phone Company - that I founded, managed & sold for $8,500,000.*Accomplishments: Gold Coast Cellular - a company I founded and managed. I was "hand picked" by GTE Moblilnet to be their "Master agent" of Cellular service in Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties, Calif.

Sutro & Co. - Westlake Village, CA  (July 1982 - May 1985)

 Investment Broker

*Accomplishments: one of top investment brokers.

Malibu Marketing - Malibu, CA  (Nov 1978 - July 1982)

Vice-President of Sales, Investment Broker

*Accomplishments: interviewing, hiring & training of 100+ brokers, who went on to successful careers.

Xerox Corp. - Century City, CA  (May 1976 - Nov 1978)                                                                                          

Office & Executive Consultant 

*Accomplishments: Xerox interviewed 500 applicants over 6-mo. period for just 2 positions. I was one of two candidates that Xerox hired. Had the highest test scores ever in the Century City office. 

Business Style:

* Conservative * Persistent * Lead by example
* Goal & Results oriented * Excellence oriented

Character Traits:

* Self-starter * Player/Coach * Visionary
* Closer * Creative * Progressive * Diplomatic


Kevin Cox - is a sales and motivational speaker and a creative process consultant. He has been consulting with businesses and organizations in the areas of sales, leadership, management creativity, and team effectiveness for over 25 years.

Prior to that he was an executive with Xerox Corp...

Kevin has been and is an effective management & sales & marketing consultant. He's a motivational speaker...and he's not going to give you trite "you're good enough" speeches.

 He's motivating and empowering in his sales training programs, leadership seminars and management seminars with a combination of real-world advice, carefully researched facts, humor and powerful stories. 

Omega Consulting - 2008 Fee Schedule

"The Journey...To Excellence"  

"Run to Win - in 2008" = in your Career + in Life...

10 Sessions @ 45 minutes per Session = 7 ½ hours of Class Training

 2 ½ hours of Sales Training per day = completed over 3 separate days 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session I "The Master (PRO) Closer"... Session II "The PRO's Attitude"... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session III "GOALS - Don't waste your Life or Time"...  Session IV "The Client's Attitudes" & Goals...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session V "Closing Sales" ...  Session VI "The PRO vs. The Client"...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session VII "PRO Closing the Client"... Session VIII "The PRO's Closes"...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Session IX "More Closes - 12 Objections & 22 Responses"... Session X "A PRO's Conclusion" & Review...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Value: Time + Knowledge Applied = The Power to be "A PRO" and make more money.

Value Bonus: increase Total Sales Volume by 15% or more...


 teach & review proven sales principles & techniques for each Sales Agent to execute   demonstrate to the Sales Agents - how to make more money - for their time & effort.

 2008 - Fee Schedule:

 Class Size 21 to 25 individuals = $5,000 Class Size 17 to 20 individuals = $4,250 Class Size 13 to 16 individuals = $3,750 Class Size 9 to 12 individuals   = $3,250 Class Size: 6 to 8 individuals    = $2,750 Class Size: 3 to 5 individuals    = $2,500



Red Adair (oil well fire fighter) had a famous quote, ”If, you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Same concept applies to RE Sales...