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Team Fox is a 27 member team of specialists. We focus our expertise on single family homes and residential complexes of up to 1,000 units! We help buyers and sellers "Get The Unfair Advantage!"

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As an active Real Estate investor, the only way to survive and prosper in this business, is to have a network of people that excel in their chosen fields of expertise that encompasses every aspect of the Real Estate transaction. Our team consists of 27 members that are each responsible for their own part of the transaction such as:

2 Attorneys, title researcher, closing agent, insurance consultant/provider, Mortgage Banker and financial strategist, Appraiser, home inspector, investment analyst, tax accountant, 1031 exchange coordinator, surveyor, termite control, lead paint abatement team, water testing lab, well installer/repair, septic installer/design...you get the idea.

When you hire me you get the whole team!

I've created several dvd's on how to buy, fix, and sell an investment property. I have an active website for people looking to sell their home quickly for cash, check it out www.sellitin48hrs.com

I also have 2 other websites that will help all Buyers and Sellers get the information they need to make educated decisions in their buying and selling of a home

www.teamfoxonline.com will give information on any possible thing you can think of, such as: schools in a certain area, religious affiliations, latest real estate news across the country, buying and selling resources, legal help, home repair help, I can't list everything here...there's not enough room. Just head on over and check it out yourself, it's really thorough.

The other website gives free information on how to make the best deal for yourself and avoid all of the buyer and seller traps that could cost you thousands... www.GetTheUnfairAdvantage.com 

These are some of the tools we use to keep a constant flow of buyers and sellers by educating them and building relationships that last forever.

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