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     We are sisters in the real estate business.  We love working together and enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.  We use all the up-to-date bells and whistles the industry has to offer. 

     The internet has made a tremendous impact on our business.  No longer are our clients looking through outdated home magazines.  They are jumping on the internet and doing real-time searches for fresh properties. 

     We love being able to communicate to our clients via e-mail, instant messaging and through our website.  Folks love getting up to the minute listing changes via their email and personalized websites we set up for them. House hunting has never been easier.

     On the same note, marketing houses for our clients is as vast as the world wide web.  Over 80% of today's home buyers are looking online to search for their next home. So advertising our clients homes on the #1 real estate site, Realtor.com, is our number one priority after placing the yard sign in their front yard. 

     It's a great time to buy and sell houses.  The internet has opened all kinds of advantages for our clients.  Buying and selling homes is as close as your computer.  Mortgage companies can even pre-approve a buyer online!   Convenience is what home buying is all about!


We have a great marketing program for any property...Before you sign a listing contract with another Brokerage... Call us for reasonable comissions with FULL service ! 

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We are sisters in the real estate business. We love working together and enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.