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I work with the BEST NAME in REAL ESTATE which gives my clients the advantages of the best internet presence, luxury home marketing and exposure in the area.

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After a rather lengthy (and in my opinion WAY TOO LONG) stint as a professional in the mortgage biz, I decided that I wanted to still work with people, be out of the office more and be around the housing industry--so REAL ESTATE SALES was the answer!  And I LOVE IT!   

Showing houses and watching faces light up as the client finds that perfect house is still a thrill.  It is just so much fun. 

Having a listing that gets multiple offers is a rush also.  The negotiations, the tension, not knowing how the other party will act is just exciting. 

I took a class to be certified in Staging and being challenged to convert an ugly duckling into a swan still takes the cake.  A little paint here, a little packing here and bit of uncluttering, move this here, move that there--just makes my day. 

Just waking up excited about what I do every day finally feels like I am not having to work for a living.



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What I know is I love what I do.  Each transaction is a unique experience and I have found that it is very easy to tailor a marketing plan or a home search plan to meet the needs of the client.  I am willing to go the extra mile to make the transaction work and the deal closed. 

What I don't know is something I can either learn or find out.  Working within a strong office, there are always experienced and talent people who have "been there and done that," and in our office are willing to share.

I welcome a good challenge and enjoy the rewards from knowing that I helped facilitate an excellent experience for my client.