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PartnerFirst is committed to bringing health and stability to the housing market by connecting distressed homeowners with the professionals who can help them.

To accomplish this, PartnerFirst trains and certifies real estate agents to serve the default market, then makes them available to mortgage servicers and homeowners through special agent databases, monitoring their performance through an Agent Management Services (AMS) platform.

By bridging the gap between homeowners and their mortgage servicers, PartnerFirst helps all parties avoid the trauma of foreclosure, and hastens the return of a strong housing sector.





The housing market needs trained real estate professionals who specialize in serving the pre-foreclosure market. PartnerFirst is meeting this need with an education program aimed at agents who are already accomplished, but seek specialized expertise.

The cornerstone of PartnerFirst’s training is the Pre-foreclosure Specialist Certification (PSC), which has become the industry standard, against which other training programs are judged. It is recognized by the nation's foremost mortgage servicers and real estate brokerage brands, and has been approved for continuing education credits in several states.

PartnerFirst also offers training in the government-sponsored HAFA program (HSC), FDCPA compliance, REO certification (REOC), and more.

PartnerFirst member agents benefit from a wealth of resources that keep them at the forefront of the pre-foreclosure field: Continuing education in new programs and developments Live webinars Industry updates Blogs by industry experts and insiders Servicer-specific training modules Other online tutorials

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Agent Network

Upon being trained and certified, PartnerFirst member agents can participate in PartnerFirst’s servicer-specific agent databases. They can receive listing opportunities in their selected regions and begin helping borrowers who need short sales.

Agent Management Services

Short sales are complex, and rely on the diligent performance of skilled agents to succeed. But few mortgage servicers are equipped to monitor the daily activities of real estate agents. PartnerFirst fills this gap with its unique Agent Management Services platform. This innovative solution uses dedicated agent relations coordinators to stay on top of agent activities, and documents their performance with state-of-the-art proprietary software: the PartnerFirst Lead Manager.

Servicers can concentrate on what they do best, and rely on PartnerFirst to monitor the sale process on the agent side. Homeowners can be confident their transactions are being handled by the best-qualified specialists available, with a strong support team behind them.

Find an Agent Database

When a homeowner needs a short sale, finding a qualified agent can be difficult. PartnerFirst takes the guesswork out of this process with its consumer-friendly Find an Agent database. Homeowners can locate trained, certified short sale agents by ZIP Code and proximity. All PartnerFirst network agents have been thoroughly vetted for experience and competence before they complete the rigorous Pre-foreclosure Specialist Certification (PSC). They are fully equipped, and ready to serve distressed homeowners.

There’s More:

PartnerFirst takes pride in bringing several innovative solutions to the default services field. Here are some unique aspects of our program:

Brand-neutral agent policy. Homeowners and servicers deserve a broad range of agents and companies to choose from. That’s why PartnerFirst doesn’t promote a particular brand or brokerage. Our brand-neutral policy ensures that agents are recognized for their skill and achievement—not their affiliation. Minority Outreach Initiative. Minority communities are hit especially hard by housing downturns. PartnerFirst has addressed this issue by forging alliances with the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates (NHORA), the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). We are uniquely positioned to help mortgage servicers reach their minority homeowners and build long-term stability in minority communities.



PartnerFirst is committed to bringing health and stability to the housing market by connecting distressed homeowners with the professionals who can help.