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Paul&Partners is committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed direct marketing tools, technology and expertise that will help to exceed their objectives and give them a competitive edge.

We seek to become a true partner to our clients, helping them to meet their strategic and financial business goals by delivering superior direct marketing solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible.

We will also support our clients through a culture of continuous improvement. We will strive to provide the most up-to-date production technology and direct marketing techniques as well as the best tried-and-true strategies and methods. We will continue to challenge our staff to be the most informed, best-trained internal resources for our clients' direct marketing and production needs, troubleshooting where necessary in order to adhere to schedule and budget, while producing the highest quality product available.

Paul&Partners will build relationships with our clients so that we can help shape marketing plans through the planning and execution of each individual campaign. Our clients' success is our own.



Direct Marketing Consulting

What truly places us ten steps ahead of our competition is the direct marketing expertise we provide to our customers. We will ask many questions, because there is a lot to consider when planning your direct marketing campaign. We want to be sure to get it right for you.

What is your greatest concern with your mailing?
If it is time, we will take one approach. If it is cost, we will take another.

Who are you mailing to and how did you compile your mailing list?
If you are not reaching the right audience, you will not like the results. If you are emailing are you sure your list is opt-in?

What information do you want to learn about your audience and why?
We can show you ways you may not have thought of to collect data directly from each customer and leverage that data to customize future communications for each individual on your mailing list.

Our direct marketing consulting services include:

Strategic campaign development, according to your business objectives. Finely targeted list creation-we have the sources and the know-how to get you exactly the names and attributes you need. New 1-to-1 marketing technologies such as Variable Data Printing (VDP) and personalized URLs (PURLs). Decoding postal regulations-before you design your mail piece or buy your list-can save you thousands. We'll show you how. Setting up metrics to measure response and conversion rates, cost per lead and ROI. Behavior profiling and customer intelligence.

Our direct marketing services include:

Direct mail and email campaigns 1-to-1 marketing campaigns Offer and message Package design Customer segmentation Response analysis



Paul&Partners is a provider of direct mail marketing, customized marketing solutions, driven by world-class direct mail technologies.