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Before jumping online through ranking websites and helping generate leads to small businesses. How I got started online is a funny story since my wife is really the one that got me started online and eventually started ranking websites and that’s my specialty.


Been through all every single strategy online and if you been learning about Texas Real Estate SEO you know there is a bunch of garbage online.


One of the first strategies that I started with was commenting on blogs to generate traffic. Here’s some of the strategies that I did in the beginning.


·         Article marketing


·         Commenting on blogs


·         Web 2.0s


Those were my top 3 and when I didn’t know anything. We’ll through the years I learned about On page and off page.


Forward to present where I know the exact strategies what is working. Private blog networks still work but there’s a lot that needs to be done. The best SEO strategy right is finding guest post opportunity for your real estate business.


You can search in Google by this real Estate + write for us


You’ll still need a script but for now want to tell the rest of my story


While growing up hung out with the wrong kind of people and kind fell in the trap that every person the ghetto has to go through. I could either stayed trapped or do something about it and do something to get out.


I was born in Detroit, Michigan and eventually joined the Marines in 2000-2004. Started working online in 2013 and learn about SEO in 2014!


My business is about helping Real Estate professionals generate leads inside of the search engines with local SEO and organic traffic to your website. What needs to happen is an overall approach to online marketing and not SEO.


Not just adverting is having an overall marketing strategy with SEO, Ads, email marketing and content marketing to have a complete marketing plan online. It’s like only have one strategy with Offline marketing and that would never happen.


So, why would you only focus with one strategy online…?


I help build brand authority through a complete marketing plan for your business online. Need any more info message me!   


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MBA in Marketing - 2015


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