Pete Egeler

153 Big Creek Ln.

LaFollette , TN 37766

Retired, now working with RE folks to improve their web sites, and get more leads/clients.

Get to know Pete Egeler

My only goal, is to help local, area or regional Realtors get the most out of their web sites.  I DO NOT build them, but instead advise my clients on changes that could, or should be made to make their sites more friendly.

The entire reason for a Real Estate web site should be to get the company more leads, and clients. Some times clients don't like to hear what I tell them, but if they will be open minded and listen to suggestions, they often find that working together, we make their sites more profitable.

As an example, there is a keyword phrase (what people type in to start an online search,) for my area that draws over 27,000 searches a MONTH on Google alone.  Yet not one single Local Realtor's web site shows up!  The biggest reason is poor website construction.  People aren't searching for glitz, they want someone to fill their wants and desires, ie:  Buy or Sell Real Estate.  Period.

In today's market, Realtors need to learn that they either have to be able to "run with the big dogs, or stay under the porch".  I help them become "runners" and "Big Dogs".

Oh, one more thing.  I don't charge a fortune for helping, either.  :>)

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