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My name is Peter Giardini and I have been an active and extremely successful real estate investor in the Baltimore Maryland region for the past 8 years.  In addition, I am one of the founders of The Club Mastermind a real estate investing coaching program focused on local coaches helping investors to perfect their game.  Our success rate is over 60% and 75% of our members stay with us for more then 12 months.  We have local and highly experienced coaches in Baltimore Maryland, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Atlanta Georgia and Jacksonville Florida.

At least once a week I send out a blog focused on the real estate market from an investors point of view, to over 14,000 readers and thought that perhaps you might find this information useful yourself or your clients.  Feel free to pass it on far and wide.

To Your Success

Peter R. Giardini


As a real estate investor I am extremely grateful that the lessons I have learned have only made me a better investor.

I started out in 2001 buying and holding rentals.  These included single family homes, small apartment buildings, mixed-use commerical and a 15 bed assisted living facility.  When I sold most of that inventory in 2006, I sold over 80 units which at that time wrere generating over $800,000.00 per year in rental income.  I know rentals... how to find them, evaluate them, purchase them, renovate them and profitably manage the tenants.

In addition, I have purchased and sold to homeowners over 120 properties.  All but one of them at a decent profit.  The one loss... well I willl reserve that discussion for over a beer.  It was not pretty!  When it comes to buying, renovating and selling properties to homeowners... I have learned how to read the market and know instinctively what will sell and at what price.  And I make sure my Club Member clients learn these same instincts.

One other thing... I believe I have mastered the "money" game.  You know... that game where you go into a bank and beg for money for your deals... NOT!  I am talking about the "money" game where lenders, both banks and private individuals want to lend to you because they percieve you to be of little risk.  To do this... it is all about creating the relationship.  Meaning that you don't want to creat this relationship once you have a contract to purchase a property.   


The primier locally focused real estate investment coaching program in the country. If you are looking to become a success investor and to be part of something bigger then yourself... then join us!