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The Mortgage Wedge was created to help customers reduce the tremendous amount of interest that is paid over the typical 30 year mortgage term. Check out our website at

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The Mortgage Wedge was created to help customers reduce the tremendous amount of interest that is paid over the typical 30 year mortgage term.  A typical customer will payback twice as much as they borrowed over time.  A borrower cannot get ahead of the game with this kind of debt load, creating inadequate savings, retirees with large mortgages, additional foreclosure situations and all kinds of financial pressure.  MWA hopes to help alleviate this issue.The Mortgage Wedge Account stems from a philosophy that banks use to create billions of dollars in wealth.  It is my wish to pass this philosophy on to the general public and allow the everyday consumer to get ahead of the game.  Thank you for visiting our site and I only hope you at least try our service as I know it could potentially change your financial life.

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MORTGAGE WEDGE CONCEPT: Everyone has idle money sitting in their checking account.  While we are not using the money, the bank lends it out to other people.  The Mortgage Wedge turns the table and let's your customer be the banker.  On the days they are not using their money, they can temporarily apply their money towards their mortgage balance.  Therefore, there balance is lower for the day, AND SO IS THEIR INTEREST FOR THE DAY!  If their interest is lower for each day, it is lower for the whole month.  The customer makes their normal payment, less goes towards interest and MORE GOES TOWARDS PRINCIPLE!  How is it done?  You create an account that sits, or wedges, in between your current checking account and mortgage account.  This Wedge account allows the sweeping of money while you are not using it.  It's as simple as that!

 You can start selling today through your existing database and people you know. 2.  Tough, competitive market vs. untapped market with huge potential      (Mortgage Market)                    (MWA)3.  Your everyday day life will be busier, more exciting and will have a world of potential.  You are accustomed to fighting hard everyday to secure your mortgage loan customers.  The Wedge product eases that pressure by giving you the opportunity to solicit all mortgage holders with almost no competition.  The product sells itself.  Who wouldn't want to pay their mortgage off completely in 10-18 years or less. 4. MWA will make an existing mortgage loan better:Current Negative Amortization Loan:  The customer can still pay their low, minimum payment and their balance will STOP INCREASING if they use the Wedge service.  This is amazing and such a great sell. Interest Only Loan:  The customer can still pay their interest only payment they are paying today...and their balance will actually DECREASE!  Again, an amazing sell. 5. More mortgage business via MWA:  review every customer to make sure they are in the right 1st mortgage program and the lowest rates as this affects their loan payoff. The opportunities are endless. Simultaneous with a mortgage you are working on: Customer is rate conscious and shopping your proposal.You have an edge in a competitive situation.  Anyone can offer the lowest rate and low closing costs.  Now YOU can offer a 30 year fixed rate (same as your competition), but with a payoff date in 10-18 years saving the customer over $100,000.  Very powerful! Customer wants Pay OptionYou offer the pay option with the minimum payment...but your balance DOES NOT INCREASE. Interest only example above.How can I sell the product?It's easy.  Just fill out the sign up form (1 page), fax to the office at 561-743-2700 and you will register for your Independent Distributor's license (ID license).  Shortly after faxing the form, you will receive your marketing kit.  The kit includes the program you can use to calculate when your customer's mortgage will be paid off.  It's an easy sell when your customer views this program.  Is there a cost to me to sell the product?The sign up fee is $99, which merely covers our administration costs to get you set up.  With the sign up fee, you receive the Savings Schedule, marketing materials and access to training programs. You will pay $9.99/month to keep your ID license active.  With an active license, you and your prospective clients have free attendance to our seminars we can schedule in your area.  Also, you will receive updates on marketing materials, training and product information.  Tell me about your seminars.We will come to your area and host a free seminar for all of your prospects. We have prfessional seminar speakers that will show your clients the value of purchasing the Mortgage Wedge Account software. All you have to do is get a space to have the meeting and the people and we do the rest. Our past results have been signing up 60% of the participants in the seminar.  In other words, bring all of your prospects and we will make you money.  Does a customer have to refi their first mortgage?No.  The great thing about The MortgageWedge is that you can keep your existing first and simply add this system.  We do advise, however that customers receive a "check-up" on their first mortgage to make sure they are in the right program and interest rate.  When you have a customer that does need a refinance, close your Mortgage Wedge and mortgage at the same time and you just maximized your revenue!How does the program work?We are conditioned to deposit our paycheck and have our money sit stagnant in our checking account until we need it. The bank in turn uses your money by lending it back out to other customers at 5%, 6%, and higher while you are not using it. When you need it, they slide the money to the place you need it: Bills, atm's, etc. This is all done behind the scenes. You just see your available balance. We will reverse the tables and let you be the banker. While your money is not being used, we will sweep the money towards your mortgage balance. The lower you keep your balance, the less interest you pay. When it's time to pay a bill, use your atm, etc., we sweep the money back into your checking account and you pay your bills just like you normally would. It's a simple concept. Would you rather pay interest on a $100,000 balance, or a $95,000 balance? It's time for you to be the banker.Do I still need my checking account? Absolutely. Your money will sweep back and forth between your checking account and mortgage accounts. Is it necessary to have a line of credit for added equity reduction? You will maximize your savings with a line of credit. If you are unable to obtain the LOC, you can still accomplish added equity reductions through your credit card and overdraft protection. This will be a sufficient short term method while you are working on the qualifications for the LOC.Can I get to my money anytime I need it? Absolutely. What makes this service so exciting is that you can pay whatever you want towards your mortgage, but have access to your extra money at any time via your line of credit. In the past, if you paid any extra money towards your principle you could not retrieve that money without refinancing and pulling your equity back out. Not anymore!How do I keep track of how and when to do things? The MWA software was created to take care of this for you. You will receive your software, load it onto your computer, and simply follow the instructions given to you. Financial steps will be given to you based on the combination of your particular situation, and mathematical formulas, principles, algorithms and techniques that will maximize your interest savings. In other words, you are buying the services of financial experts to create large personal savings. Can I use this program from one home to the next? Yes, you can use this service for the rest of your life. If you are looking to sell your house, speak with your MWA representative and they will assist you withthe transfer.This sounds too good to be true. What are the downfalls of the program? If you follow the simple financial steps provided to you in the software, there should be none. The only way this program will not work for you is if your monthly debts start to exceed you monthly income. If that happens however, you will simple pause your service until your disposable income returns to a positive. You would then resume with the MWA.Am I charged interest on the line of credit?Yes, but the amount will be very minimal. The reason for this is that you will only use very small amount for very short periods of time. In most cases, the interest you accrue is a few cents. This interest is tiny in comparison to the large interest savings you are receiving on your mortgage interest reduction.What happens if I have a first and second mortgage? For customers in this particular situation, they will receive the most benefit from MWA. MWA will attach to the second mortgage balance first, working to pay it off completely since it most likely has a higher interest rate than the first mortgage. Once the second mortgage is paid off, MWA will go to work on the first mortgage.Compensation:Product cost to customer: $1995 For more details on the very exciting compensation program please email  You will be responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year. You receive all the tax advantages you already have as a broker. Don't wait for commissions:You don't have to wait weeks for a loan to close to earn your commission:Customer can buy MWA service via credit card or personal check for a reduced price of $1995.  They fill out 1 form, you fax it in and you get paid within a week of the credit card or check clearing!  No more waiting on underwriters, closers, field reviews, or rescission.  Start Today!!!
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