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As a real estate professional, you understand and appreciate the importance of a thorough and objective home inspection. Unfortunately, you also know the hassles of last-minute, pre-close inspections which, if unexpected problems are found, can slow the deal or kill it entirely.

Fortunately, there don't have to be any surprises with HomeSafe Inspection's Pre-Sale Inspection Program. By having a home inspected by HomeSafe before it goes on the market, the seller gains confidence and security by knowing in advance about the problems and the repairs, if any, that need to be made. The seller can then either make the repairs before a buyer comes along or disclose the problems to the buyer during negotiations.

The HomeSafe Pre-Sale Inspection's Benefits Include:

* Enhanced credibility for the seller and the realtor
* Reduced risk of costly litigation after the sale
* Less negotiation when known defects are factored into the sale price
* No last-minute surprises that could kill or slow the deal
* Reduced listing time and faster sales
* More satisfied clients and more referrals in the future

To learn more about HomeSafe's Pre-Sale Inspection Program, call HomeSafe at (866) 327-7233 and let us work out a Pre-Sale Inspection plan that fits your particular needs!
The World's Most Advanced Termite Inspection

"We had a 50 percent increase in business during our first spring's swarm season alone using HomeSafe's technology while our competitors were losing business. HomeSafe has given us a winning edge over the competition." - James Wilson, Co-Owner, Wilson's Termite & Environmental, Brandon, MS

HomeSafe Pest Control offers a revolutionary new solution for detecting termites quickly and accurately: high-powered infrared and acoustic technologies which enable pest control operators, home inspectors and real estate termite inspectors to, in effect, "see" and "hear" through a house's walls, floors and ceilings.

For information on a HomeSafe pest control operator near you, click here or call (866) 327-7233

HomeSafe's technology was initially developed as part of a USDA-funded project at the University of Mississippi's National Center for Physical Acoustics, one of the world's leading acoustical physics research laboratories. These powerful technologies were later customized specifically for termite detection. Incorporated in the spring of 2003, HomeSafe now licenses its unique, advanced technologies to pest control operators looking for a moneymaking edge over their competitors.

The HomeSafe Infrared/Acoustics Inspection Process:

Confirms termite infestations on the spot Pinpoints termites' exact location for better treatment Is significantly more effective than traditional termite detection techniques Is completely non-destructive Is fast and efficient Eliminates guesswork and minimizes risk of human error Utilizes a centralized database to confirm insect sounds swiftly, objectively and scientifically

For more information on HomeSafe Pest Control, franchise opportunities and licensing opportunities, we invite you to tour our site or contact us by telephone at (662) 236-1232 or toll-free at (866) 327-7233.


Interested in closing more deals and saving yourself from costly lawsuits? Schedule a HomeSafe Inspection today. Our advanced inspections include infrared and acoustic technology.