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                                       "I'LL MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE...                                           

                              BUT, YOU' LL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY THERE "

                                                                                                                       (Dr  Preeti Vats)


Hi, I am Dr Preeti Vats, a global coach who equips realtors with the behavior and communication tools to increase their commission rates. I'm also a counseling psychologist.

Enhancing behavioral and communication patterns cannot be achieved by only using the many simplistic, outdated models of best practices of real-estate industry still widely promoted in the industry/literature and which every good realtor comes across every now and then.. All successful realtors work on something which makes them break away from the competition.  Being a psychologist my results are based on human behavior, their identification and psychodynamic communication skills which are the predictors of lifelong success. They are the strategies from which you can easily and impressively shorten your sales process with the clients.

The most powerful combination of achieving results is always the combination of human psychology and business knowledge. My Psychodynamic skill enhancement programme works on the following dimensions:-

•a)   Personality assessment - by the help of validated psychometric tools I would identify your personality. My main aim is to let you know your strongest points and your limitation. Together with the communication strategies we would be working parallel to make your strong behavioral skills stronger. In a nut shell we will work on your strengths in meeting your success with them not with your weakness.


•b)   Analyzing your clients personality type - you could accurately analyze your client's personality with some easy observation knowledge. It is very important in sales to know what kind of person you are dealing with and how you can impress him by communicating parallel with his personality characteristics.


c) Enhancing psychodynamic communication skills -

 1) Hypnotic communication -  Use of psychological power words and phrases and structure them in a way that they pass past the barrier of conscious level of mind into the subconscious level making your client  responsive and making decision faster .

2) Power of non verbal communication - reading others' thoughts by their gesture. The science of body language in business conversations tremendously helps the person plan his next verbal communication and also know the other person's thought before he speaks out is very beneficial in real estate market negotiations

c) Develop skills on Emotional Intelligence - Perfection in EI includes self-awareness and impulse control, persistence, zeal and motivation, empathy and social deftness. These are the qualities that mark people who excel; whose relationship flourish, who are stars in their fields. It becomes essential to master these skills.

D) Stress reduction - we will not work on yoga or any meditation. One should know the everyday techniques using the 5 senses and the environment to reduce stress at anytime or any place.

E) Work life balance


Dr Preeti Vats integrates research from many disciplines into a validated, user-friendly model of practice. In 10 years of her experience as a coach and psychologist she incorporates knowledge from psychology (behavioral, clinical, social, developmental, industrial and organizational), systems theories, existential philosophy, education and the management and leadership literature.

One of the reasons why Preeti's behavioral techniques are so widely accepted is that they allow for data to be gathered on specific, targeted behaviors impacting the application of a professional skill. By using appropriate validated, behavioral change instruments, these targeted behaviors can easily be measured and evaluated in a rigorous manner. Dr Preeti's coaching, with its emphasis on research and evidence, provides individuals and organizations a validated and proven system that greatly increases their chances of effecting lasting behavioral change. 



                                             A STEP AHEAD

If you think its time for you to upgrade and move ahead from the competition and learn scientifically psycho-dynamic proved strategies to :-

•·  How to use your body to communicate unconsciously and understand client's body language.

•·  Making someone like you within the first few vital seconds.

•·  The fastest and most effective ways to create rapport and trust with everyone you meet.

•·  How to communicate and use the language of the world's greatest hypnotists and the world's greatest ever salespeople.

•·  How to ethically influence anyone to say ‘yes', while serving their best interests.

•·  Learn the skills of questioning that none of your competitors ever use.

•·  How to firmly imprint yourself and your product/service in the minds of your sales prospects.

•·  The easiest ways to really know what they want and need and how to give it to them with what you are offering.

•·  How to use hypnotic language patterns elegantly and skillfully.

•·  How to use structured hypnosis inductions within conversations.

•·  How to resonate with people deeply and understand them like no-one else has done.

•·  There is so much more, I am just scratching the surface here...


Dr Preeti coaches Realtors globally on their comfort of country and home through web, email coaching. VC, Web seminars,and phone ( SKYPE or mobile ).At present she is mentoring 20 clients across the globe individually.Realtors can avail her expertise through:-

a)  One to one mentoring - this is an individual based skills mentoring initially for 3 months , once a week for 175$/one hr session.

b)  Group coaching - you can enroll in Preeti's 0ne hour sessions  on different topics. Price - 100$/person/hour

The next seminar topic is :  


c) Email mentoring - Connect with Dr Preeti for 6months on email and chat in person. One mail per week answering your questions. Price - 75$/week

Interested people can write their interest in the group session with few lines on their expected outcomes initially to Preeti on her mail pvats2005@gmail.com. I would then pen you the details

You can always write to me about your queries.


An International Realtor coach helping realtors in psychodynamic communication and negotiation skills using behavoiral skills enhancement resulting in shorter sales process and faster negotiations.