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Get to know Xposure Real Estate Photography (Western North Carolina)

Xposure Real Estate Photography is the premier photography company of Western North Carolina.  We provide top quality photos and marketing materials to real estate professionals, homeowners, builders, and commercial businesses.

Why do you need real estate photos by Xposure?

"Do YOU believe Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal?"

Are your property photos getting lost among the competition?

If you want to recession proof your listings, you must use the most effective marketing possible to stand out from the crowd.  Professional photography from Xposure is what will give you and your listings the strongest competitive advantage.

With over 87% of home searches now taking place on the internet, potential buyers easily disregard properties just because of poor photographs.  It only makes sense that professional photography should be given top priority in home marketing budgets.

Many will want to do it themselves, however, one cannot paint the Mona Lisa just because they have a paintbrush.  We use specialized equipment and lighting techniques to optimally showcase the property. It takes a true professional to make a real difference for your listing.

A recent NAR survey confirms this, finding that the perceived value of a home increased almost 13%, and was 3 times more likely to sell when professional photography was used.

The most important reason to use professional photography by Xposure isn't to market the property, however, but to market yourself.  An agent who consistently uses professional photography has a significant advantage when a seller is in search of a listing agent.  Poor photographs are one of the main reasons the average seller goes through 2.7 agents before the house is sold.

If you want to increase your marketability and get your listings SOLD, contact us now.  828-505-5025 or Chase@PropertyXposure.com

 Please visit our website for more information: www.PropertyXposure.com


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