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Get to Know Dusty Mosness

ProStar Infrared Inspections is an Energy Star Partner.  We provide Home Energy Efficiency Testing, moisture detection, insulation detection/inspection, and building envelope services to our residential customers.

Our HEET test is the first step in making any home more energy efficient...simply put, we find where your home is losing energy in the form of air leakage.  Contrary to popular belief, only 10% of this loss is from the windows!  We find the other 90%!  

This air leakage accounts for approximately 1/3 of a home's energy loss, and is the easiest, less costly, most cost-effective problem to fix on a home, with the average homeowner saving about 20%-30% on their energy bills.

We also do inspections for insulation and moisture/water problems.


All homes, new and old can benefit from our service.  If you are a homeowner whose energy bills were high last winter, you feel the comfort level of your home isn't where it should be, experience cold and warm areas drastically different in your home, or your home seems drafty at times, our HEET service is for you!

We are certified American Society of NonDestructive Testing Level I Thermographers!


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