Gene Rohr (Real Estate Professionals Technology Center)

RepTech, LLC

34 E Main Street #346

Smithtown , NY 11787

Gene started RepTech in 2007. RepTech provides advanced technology products for real estate professionals, including Curb Appeal, the new digital image alteration tool.

Get to know Gene Rohr

Gene is a CPA, a Certified Technical Trainer, Certified Digital Designer and a Realtor. An extensive background in numerical analysis and graphics / image alteration have allowed Gene to create products which are both easy to work with and powerful. Curb Appeal is one of todays hot digital image products which allows Agents to easily modify background images to create a "vision" for those buyers that don't have that ability. Agents can digitally perform anything from a minor repainting to an extreme makeover with a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all it can be done on the spot, right in front of the buyer.

This is the one product that can modify everything in and around the home; interiors, exteriors, landscaping are all easily changed. Agents can even provide Buyers with a detailed report of the specific modifications and products used to go from a "forgotten foreclosure" to a "fabulous find". Using these reports, Buyers can get comparative estimates on actually doing the work, potentially saving thousands of dollars. Curb Appeal is changing the landscape!


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Gene has a long background in software, training and marketing. He developed many technical training courses and is also a NY State approved real estate instructor and a Certifeid Technical Trainer.