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"We would like to purchase your mortgage payments"


Q.W. & Associates Funding and Investments is a national leader in the purchase of Owner Financed Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust, and Land Contracts.


Would you like to have a lump sum of Cash Now instead of waiting years to collect the money that is owed to you? Perhaps you might use the money for an investment opportunity, to consolidate bills, to send a child to college, or even to purchase a new car. The choice is yours!


Did you know that you can sell a portion of your payments as opposed to liquidating the entire note? Inquire about our Partial Purchase Program and find out how you can receive a lump sum of cash now for a predetermined number of future mortgage payments.


There are many good reason to sell a mortgage note, an one great reason for selling to Q.W. & Associates Funding and Investments: we pride ourselves on paying the highest price in the industry. Also, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and have the ability to fund your deal quickly.


"A dollar today is worh more than a dollar tomorrow"

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