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Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC, is the nation's premier forensic loan auditing and mortgage/litigation support company. CFLA provides the most comprehensive and competent Forensic Loan Audit in the industry, as well as tailor-made Qualified Written Requests, Civil Complaints, Temporary Restraining Orders to Stop Sale, Lis Pendens, and full service litigation support, including Securitization Memorandums for professionals specializing in Mortgage Modification and Real Estate Law.

Our Senior Auditors and Attorneys use proprietary software developed and licensed by CFLA to search through S.E.C. and other Public Record Filings to find Trust Vehicles used in the Securitization process, including but not limited to Bloomberg Terminals, Edgars Pro, Doc Edge, and others developed exclusively for use by CFLA team members.

Our success rate is unmatched in this industry. We are by far and away the industry’s leading experts. Don’t believe us? Ask someone specializing in this field! We are nationally recognized!

Our Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Class is a cutting edge, highly innovative, and comprehensive (3) day instruction that is designed to help industry professionals obtain highly specialized skill sets, sought after trade secrets, and industry credentials.

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC is a network of experienced professionals specializing in the research and analysis needed to provide attorneys and mortgage professionals with total package support that they need to even the playing field with lenders and successfully negotiate settlements or file predatory lending lawsuits. Our service is focused on providing law firms and mortgage professionals the most highly reliable and dependable Certified Forensic Loan Audits in the industry.

Our Executive Management Team of seasoned attorneys and real estate professionals have vast experience in loan origination, mortgage processing, bank underwriting, and mortgage litigation with some of the country’s top lenders, such as Washington Mutual, Chase, Wells Fargo, Countrywide and others. It’s this depth of experience and qualification that sets CFLA apart.

Our Attorneys and Senior Auditors are available for consultation and insight on recent legislation and industry expectations for our preferred clients and affiliates.


National Account Executive
Quinton’s background is in Securities Brokerage, and Investment banking while employed for more than 10 years at J.P. MORGAN CHASE. Quinton is highly regarded as an industry expert on the Securitization of Mortgage Notes.


Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC, is the nation's premier forensic loan auditing and mortgage/litigation support company.