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I'm Linda Schneider, M.A., real estate agent, author, and owner of Fast Newsletters, where we provide a $13/mo. PRINT and EMAIL real estate newsletter. Please drop by and see what we're about and how we can help you grow your business without breaking the bank.

I'm also a 30-year veteran of real estate, a nationwide real estate and sales trainer, and award-winning instructional designer. Like you, I love real estate, and I love people--especially real estate agents!

My goal at this stage in my life is to find agents who need and want help to get the boulders out of their income stream so they can support their families, and live a stress-free lifestyle with plenty of time and money for doing what they love.


Subscription real estate newsletters for just $13/mo. We write them, you brand them. Both email and print newsletters included, plus client magnet reports, and full support.

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Real estate books by Linda Schneider:

Door-to-Door Real Estate Prospecting: The Complete Guide to Door Knocking for Listings

The Constant Agent: 32 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build into Your Business Daily

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